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 Socioeconomic Overview




Xuan Hiep Commune is west of Xuan Loc District.

Natural land area is 2,443.68 hectares, the commune is crossed by National Highway and Provincial Road 765, with the length of 3 km and1.5 km, respectively, which are quite convenient for economic exchange and goods circulation.

+ Its north borders Gia Ray Town, Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province.

+ Its south borders Lang Minh Commune, Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province.

+ Its west borders on Suoi Cat Commune, Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province.

+ Its east borders Xuan Tam Commune and Gia Ray Town, Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province.


The commune consists of four hamlets including: Viet Kieu hamlet, Binh Minh hamlet, Tam Hiep hamlet, and Tan Tien hamlet, with 88 groups of residents.


Xuan Hiep Commune has two types of terrains, as follows:

- Terrains along streams and high terrains

+ Terrains along streams: Popular slope at 0 - 3o;

+ High terrains: Popular slope at 3 - 8o;


The commune is located in the equatorial tropical climate with two seasons:

The dry season starts from December to April.

+ Average temperature: 30oC

The rainy season starts from May to November.

+ Average temperature: 270C

+ Highest temperature: 29oC

+ Lowest temperature: 25oC.  



Founding time: August 31, 1994

The historical relics of the commune: Xuan Hiep is located in the belt of National Relic of Chua Chan Mountain.


Total population: 15,006 people

The number of households: 3,541 families

Ethnicity: There are five ethnic groups living together, of which 37 households out of 157 people are ethnic minorities including Hoa, Khmer, Choro, Tay and Muong. The ethnic minorities almost live across Hamlet 4.

Religion: Xuan Hiep Commune has two religions, of which Buddhism accounts for 15% and Christianity makes up 85%.
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