xuanhiep : Socio – economic reality Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socioeconomic Facts



Developing the industry toward linking with agriculture to form several small and medium-sized agro product processing establishments in association with raw material production areas, operating effectively; now the commune has three cashew processing plants.

Small and handicraft industries in the commune are mainly agro product pre-processing, construction and mechanics.

However, local labor force in the industry - construction is only some 10,000 people while others work for enterprises based in neighboring communes. Therefore, the commune has planned to attract investors to open companies and factories so as to contribute to economic development and create jobs for people.


The value of agricultural production increases by an average of 8.13 percent per year.

Livestock production accounts for over 57 percent of the agricultural production value, with total herd of livestock of more than 240,712 million including buffaloes, cows, pigs, goats and poultry. There are 10 farms raising cattle and poultry in the commune.

Forestry: Total area of ​​concentrated forestation 10 hectares. The annual production turnover reaches over VND5,741 billion.

Fisheries: Most people in the commune mainly take advantage of irrigation works and small ponds while others convert less productive agricultural land into freshwater fish ponds being located across the commune. Currently the aquaculture area is 25 hectares with the production value of about VND7,541 billion per year.




Production value

Services: Total retail sales of goods and services in 2017 reached over VND969,048.5 billion and production value at current prices is VND552,912,505 billion. Trade and services have been developed in association with the raw material production areas to help sell agricultural products, expand the commodity market, and meet the basic needs of people’s life.

There are 27 private businesses in the commune and nearly 914 individual business households, and the total number of employees in the commercial -service field is more than 4,503 people.

          4. EDUCATION




The commune has four schools meeting national standards, including Xuan Hiep Kindergarten, Chu Van An Primary School, Trinh Hoai Duc Primary School, Truong Vuong Secondary School.

The total number of teachers is 210, of which there are 35 kindergartens teachers, 125 primary school teachers, 50 secondary school teachers, teaching a total of 3,000 students. The teaching and learning activities have been well maintained and the learning family and learning community models have been well implemented.





The communal health station has five beds, an average of 3.02 beds per 10,000 people. There are 14 health workers including one doctor, with the rate of 10.06 health workers per 10,000 people and 0.6 doctor per 10,000 people.

The health station was newly built in 2010 and its facilities meet the examination and treatment need of people.

Every year children are fully vaccinated, modern contraceptive methods are applied, and the rate of natural population growth remains below one percent. In addition, disease prevention is well implemented, regularly organizing meetings, popularizing measures to prevent and treat diseases, improving health for people.




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The commune has one Center for Culture, Sports and Community Learning and Cultural Houses in hamlets. Cultural institutions basically satisfy the cultural needs of people. At the center, there are also a sports area, the Youth Union, the Study Encouragement Association and the Science and Technology Information Center to provide rural science and technology films for people.

Cultural, performing and sports activities are held regularly during the year on the occasion of major holidays along with the activities of the mass organizations.

Every year, the number of households meeting the standards of cultural families is more than 99 percent with four out of four cultural hamlets.
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