xuanhiep : Socio – economic potentials Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socioeconomic Potential



Total households in the commune: 3,541 households

The number of people: 15,006 people

The number of working age people: 10,495 people

The rate of industrial labor: 33.6 percent

The rate of agricultural labor: 18.7 percent

The rate of trade - services labor: 47.7 percent

 2. LAND

Total natural land area: 2,443.68 hectares

Agricultural land area: 980 hectares

Forestry land area: 1,144 hectares


The commune's communications conditions: The commune has one local radio station, allocating 32 loudspeaker clusters to residential areas, with average broadcasting time of four hours a day. Mobile and communications networks ensure good coverage and the Internet is installed with most connection lines in the central area. The rate of phone set is at one phone per household.


The commune is crossed by National Highway 1A running through with a length of 3 km; 1.5 km of Provincial Road 765, which is quite convenient for economic exchange with other localities. Xuan Hiep Commune plays an important role in the district's socioeconomic development strategy.

The system of rural roads covers most of the commune. At present, the whole commune has a total of 52.38km of inter-commune roads, main commune and village roads, lane roads and infield main roads, of which a total of 38.38 km has been asphalted or concreted and infield main roads have a total length of 14.1 km.​

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