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Accelerating the progress of the pilot project for the construction of Xuan Loc district to meet criteria for a new countryside Update 08-01-2020 11:05
Mr. Huynh Thanh Vinh, Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Deputy Head of the Steering Committee of Agriculture, Farmers, Countryside and New Countryside Construction of Dong Nai province said, in the second quarter of 2019 Dong Nai will continue to effectively perform the assessment of the implementation of the province’s new countryside construction program in the province, especially for localities registered to attempt to meet advanced new countryside standards in 2019 and check and evaluate communes after 5 years of have achieved new countryside standards; accelerate the progress of the pilot project for the construction of Xuan Loc district to meet requirements for a new countryside; and complete the “One commune - one product” program in the province.

In the first quarter of 2019, 147 km of rural roads have been upgraded with a total budget of over VND464.7 billion.


According to the Steering Committee for Agriculture, Farmers, Countryside and New Countryside Construction of Dong Nai Province, in the first quarter of 2019 the province’s New Countryside Construction Program has continued to be effective in all aspects.

Specifically, the propaganda activities on the construction of a new countryside continue to be promoted. In terms of the construction of districts, Tan Phu and Dinh Quan districts have been okayed by the provincial People’s Committee. Up to now, planning for 4 districts has been okayed and other districts are focusing on their completion of planning, which will be submitted to the provincial People’s Committee.


In terms of developing socio-economic infrastructure, plans in 2019 have been carried out; 147 km of rural roads with a total budget of over VND 464.7 billion have been upgraded; and the irrigation projects for the production of winter-spring crop have been ensured.


Agricultural production has continued to develop stably; things like preparation of seeds, fertilizers and irrigation water for production to minimize the harmful effects of pests and diseases have been ensured; diseases in livestock have been controlled; and the directions and inspection of the management, protection and prevention of forest fires right at the beginning of the dry season have been conducted; the production value of agriculture, forestry and fishery in the first quarter was more than VND9,333 billion, up by 3.08% over the same period.


Also, the national target program on sustainable poverty reduction continues to be implemented and in the first quarter of 2019 5,214 poor households have received support with an amount of over VND35.58 billion.


Besides, the province’s public healthcare is well carried out. The rate of people participating in health insurance has reached 86.5%, up by 0.1% compared to the beginning of the year; the movement of “All people unite to build a cultural life in the province” continues to improve and go into depth, which creates a good impact on improving people’s materialistic and spiritual life, and arouses kindness and the community’s sense of unity and the self-governance spirit in each residential area and cluster.


Duy Minh  (N. Lan)


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