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Continuing to promote the spirit of volunteerism among the youth Update 08-01-2020 10:14
With the theme of “Dong Nai’s youth volunteer for the community”, this summer’s volunteer youth campaign is expected to take place from May to the end of August, 2019 and will be widely launched in 171 communes, wards and townships in the province and Kon Tum province.

The activities of the campaign are connected with each youth union member through the “Give you strength in exam season” program and 4 volunteer campaigns like Green Summer, Pink Holiday, Delonix Regia and Green Campaign.


At the launching ceremony held on May 26, the Organizing Committee presented Bien Hoa city 2 children’s playgrounds worth VND100 million; 1 green library worth VND30 million; 1 water filtration system; a graffiti project; electrical fixing project for government policy beneficiary families; “Give you strength to go to school” scholarships; charity houses and people’s bridges; and 3 projects of youth union members with the total amount of VND70 million.


Addressing the ceremony, Dong Nai Provincial Youth Union Secretary Nguyen Cao Cuong emphasized that the Summer Volunteer Youth Campaign was first launched in 2014 with the participation of 3,000 youth union members. Over many consecutive years of organization, the number of youth union members registering for participation increases every year. In the summer of 2019, the number of youth union members registered for the campaign reached 20,000 people. This is an opportunity for Dong Nai’s youth to fully express their roles and responsibilities to both society and community, promote their role of assault and volunteerism to contribute to developing the local socio-economy.


Also, Secretary of the provincial Youth Union asked levels of youth union to  further disseminate propaganda and education activities about both aims and significance of the campaign to a large number of youth union members, youth and people to call for their participation; continue to effectively launch and implement the campaign of “Dong Nai’s youth join hands in building advanced new countryside and urban civilization” through specific and practical actions; and continue to promote social security activities for the community.


Duy Minh (N. Lan)


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