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China’s new regulations for agricultural products imported from Vietnam Update 08-01-2020 10:11
The Standing Committee of the Central Farmer’s Union has just issued the Official Letter no. 565-CV/HNDTW dated May 31, 2019 on the instructions on how to meet the mainstream exports demand to China’s market to the Farmer’s Associations of provinces and cities.

Accordingly, as from May 1, 2019, Vietnamese agricultural products exported to China via official channels need two important requirements: including a planting area code (certificate of production area) and a packing facility code that is issued by the Plant Protection Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Therefore, the Standing Committee of the Central Vietnam Farmer’s Union requested the Farmer’s Associations of provinces and cities to further disseminate propaganda information to levels of Farmer’s Associations to help their members and farmers to master the new regulations on China’s market standards for the agricultural products imported from Vietnam and clearly determine that this is no longer an easy market so that farmers can be proactive enough to produce and consume their agricultural products.


It is essential to further disseminate propaganda activities; call for and educate Farmer’s Association members to change their thinking in agricultural production, deal with small and fragmented farming activities, join hands in, connect, and cooperate in production to expand production scale, promote commodity production, apply science and technology, improve output and quality of each type of goods and product lines, and increase competitiveness, value, and income; and pay attention to building sub-career associations and career associations to gradually develop them into cooperatives and cooperative groups.


Also, it is necessary to continue to coordinate with sectors, localities and businesses to build models of cooperatives and cooperative groups associated with value chains from product making to consumption; provide training and regulations on the process and procedures for registering the production area code and agricultural product packaging facility code as required; mobilize and guide members and farmers to produce according to the technical processes and standards of VietGap and GlobalGap to ensure safe production and quality; and set production orientations towards organic production and use of probiotics for environmental protection and sustainable development.


Duy Minh (N. Lan)


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