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Assisting rural industrial facilities to change their technology Update 15-06-2020 03:45
Director of the provincial Department of Industry and Trade Truong Thi My Dung said, Dong Nai’s industry and trade and industrial promotion will give positive assistance in all aspects in 2020, especially helping the province’s rural industrial facilities to change their machinery and technology and paying attention to the facilities with their products winning the outstanding rural industrial product titles.

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According to the statistical figures of Dong Nai’s Statistics Office, Dong Nai now has a large number of rural industrial facilities throughout various localities with diverse industries. In 2019, the province had more than 9,800 facilities and businesses with a production value of nearly VND64 trillion, accounting for 9.5% of the province’s industrial production value. Most rural industrial facilities are small and super small sized ones, and types of business households account for over 85%.


Dong Nai has determined that developing the province’s outstanding rural industrial products is an important task in its industrial development process. In recent times, Dong Nai’s industry and trade has found a lot of solutions for assisting local rural industrial facilities. The activities related to industrial promotion do not focus on capital support but also on consultancy-giving, which helps facilities to minimize their risks when starting technology innovation. Besides, once a year, the provincial Department of Industry and Trade organizes and considers the title of craftsmen, skillful workers, and people with their meritorious services to bring these industries to the district; votes for the province’s outstanding rural technology products to identify rural industrial products of high quality, high-use value, and great potential for production development to make plans to supporting the investment in and development of production, and changing technology and equipment, and so on to pick out the most outstanding products to be registered as national products on that basis.


According to the leadership of the provincial Department of Industry and Trade, voting is aimed at finding rural industrial products of high quality, value, and potential for production development to make support plans for investing in production development, changing technology and equipment and advertising products. Up to now, 162 products in the province have been voted as the province’s outstanding rural industrial products. A lot of products were voted at the national level and in 2019 only five products of Dong Nai won the title of the outstanding rural industrial products at national levels.

It is known that in recent times the province has organized various specific activities to support rural facilities to develop their production of products after being voted and granted certificates of outstanding rural industrial products like creating conditions of production sites; implementing industrial promotion programs and trade promotion in rural industrial areas effectively; developing rural industrial products that are voted as outstanding rural industrial products associated with local tourism development.


However, the province’s rural industrial facilities are still developing under a small and scattered form with outdated production technologies and low competitiveness. In fact, up to 80% of production facilities are using outdated technology and faced up with difficulties and challenges in gaining an access to new technology. Therefore, for the industrial promotion activities in which the contents of supporting the application of advanced machinery and equipment have been, are being and will be carried in rural industrial facilities, this orientation aims to encourage facilities to improve their production capacity as well as help the province’s industrial products to improve competitiveness in the long run.


Duy Minh (P. Nga)


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