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 Socio-economic potentials




+ Population, laborers and jobs: Dai Phuoc has a population of 3,238 households including 12,195 people (5,324 men and 6,871 women). Most of them are Kinh and the rest are Chinese Vietnamese, who mainly settle in Dai Phuoc market. Religion: there are 3 main religions: Buddhism (1,567 households), Christianity (1,217 households), and Caodaism (454 households). Dai Phuoc has 1 Catholic church, 1 pagoda and 3 temples. Dai Phuoc has 2,138 laborers, accounting for 66% of the commune’s population including 167 agricultural laborers, accounting for 5.1% of the commune’s laborers and 46% of laborers in careers. The proportion of laborers in the working age group is 4,076 people, accounting for 82%; the number of laborers without stable jobs is 459 people, accounting for 9%; and the rest is 447 unemployed people, accounting for 10%.




+ Land resources: the total natural land area: 1,679,9073 ha; agricultural land: 1,060,6739 ha; annual crop land: 821,6371 ha; mixed garden land: 50,7661 ha; perennial crop land: 154,6078 ha; grassland for livestock: 0.1662 ha; land with aquatic water surface: 33.4967 ha; forest land: 0.9009 ha; special-use land: 42.0550 ha; residential land: 36.3488 ha; and unused land: 539.9287 ha


+ Water resources: surface water: Dai Phuoc has 536.69 ha of rivers and canals, concentrated in the east of the commune, belonging to Cai river, Dong Nai river and Phuoc Ly river. These rivers have fresh water in the rainy season and brackish water in the dry season, directly affected by the tides of Dong Nai river; are of great value in waterway transport; provide irrigation water for crops and farming freshwater and brackish water fishes and shrimps.


Groundwater: groundwater has a large reserve and is deep. The aquifer has a thickness of 80-90 m, where drilling holes can be exploited with a flow of 1,000 - 1,500 cubic meters per day with good quality for domestic use and other industries.




The district’s radio station inspected and repaired the radio system to ensure good service for disseminating propaganda information through the commune’s radio system where 1,315 hours and 30 minutes have been broadcast. Particularly, local programs with 128 hours, receiving signals from the district’s radio station with 1,134 hours and 30 minutes, broadcasting propaganda information with 53 hours including such contents as disseminating propaganda information on the 87th Anniversary of Founding of the Communist Party of Vietnam, and on the Founding Day of the Youth Union on March 26; announcing the prohibition of trading in firecrackers and ensuring food hygiene and safety on the occasion of the Lunar New Year; prevention of crime, fires and explosions; preserving traffic order and safety; disseminating propaganda information on military service law; clearing traffic safety corridor; holding the 8th election for hamlet chiefs in the term of 2018 2020; directly broadcasting the program of “Giving Lunar New Year wishes of the State President, the district’s People’s Committee Chairman, and the commune’s People’s Committee”; live broadcasting the ceremony to say goodbye to the youth joining the army in 2018 and the meetings of the People’s Council of Nhon Trach district; mobilizing 100% of households along main roads to hang up flags during major holidays, Party celebrations and spring celebrations; implementing 120 slogans for holidays and conferences; coordinating with the commune’s Women Union to hold a music show to celebrate the International Women's Day, March 3; coordinating with the Executive Committee of the commune’s youth union to decorate the “Join the army” camp; coordinating with the commune’s military commanding committee and the commune’s committees, sectors, and unions to organize the youth enlistment ceremony in 2018; coordinating with the commune’s Youth Union and schools to organize the opening ceremony for summertime activities; calling for people to regularly do physical exercises and play sports; organizing friendly football competitions with other communes to celebrate major holidays; and participating in sports tournaments that are organized by the district.




+ Traffic: Dai Phuoc’s transport system is quite developed, but its roads are mainly earth roads that are narrow, have a small width, and are easy to deteriorate. The commune’s traffic network has 2,917 km of asphalted roads and some gravel-paved roads and red soil roads including:


- Vamp O – Ben Co with a length of 2.71 km is a gravel-paved road with a width of 5 m.


- The road running through Phuoc Ly sewer is 1,052 km long and 4 m wide


Photo: Urban planning of Dai Phuoc commune


In general, Dai Phuoc’s transport system is quite developed, and is convenient for transporting goods and people. There is also a rich system of rivers and canals that are favorable for the development of water transport.


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