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25 out of 28 socio-economic development targets in 2019 achieved and exceeded Update 15-06-2020 10:19
In 2019, Dong Nai exceeded 3 targets: GRDP total product increasing by 9.05%; completing and putting into use 140 socialized houses; and 13 communes meeting requirements for improved new countryside.

Calling for the donation of charity houses to poor households


22 criteria exceeded the targets of the Resolution target and 3 others failed to meet targets (exports, reduction of criminal cases, and detecting and handling drug crime).


According to the assessment of the provincial People’s Committee, the province’s socio-economic development in 2019 continued to change positively and major sectors and fields continued to develop well. The province’s economy continued to achieve a high growth rate over the same period. The province’s GRDP increased by 9.05%. Particularly, the agricultural sector increased by over 2%; industry and construction increased by over 12%; services increased by more than 7%; the index of industrial production increased by 8.7%; the value of agricultural, forestry and fishery production increased by 2.7%; per capita income reached VND112 million; budget revenues reached 100% of the estimated value; total retail sales of goods and services reached VND173.6 trillion, up by 11.7% over the same period and exceeding annual plans; export turnover reached US$19.7 billion, up by 7.1%; import turnover is estimated at US$16.5 billion D, up by 2.1% over the same period. In 2019, Dong Nai had a trade surplus of about US$3.2 billion.


In terms of investment attraction, the provincial People's Committee granted licenses for 105 domestic investment projects; total newly-registered capital plus total FDI capital investment was estimated at US$1.45 billion and up to now the cumulative number of valid FDI projects in the province have reached 1,457 with a registered capital of about US$30 billion and the number of newly-registered businesses was estimated at 3,850, up by 9.4% compared to 2018.


Export turnover reached US$19.7 billion


Implementing the national target program on the construction of a new countryside, Dong Nai province had 13 more communes that were recognized to meet the improved new countryside criteria in 2019. Dong Nai was recognized as a province that completed their tasks of building the new countryside by the State Prime Minister in 2019.


The fields of socio-culture and social security policies continue to be implemented synchronously. In 2019, jobs were created for about 80,000 job seekers, reaching 100% of the year plan; 140 socialized houses were completed and put into use; the coverage rate of health insurance was over 87.1%; local national defense and security was ensured and social order and safety was maintained stably.


In addition to the achieved results, there are still some weaknesses that need to be further implemented: export turnover increased slowly; disbursement of public investment was low; African swine fever outbreaks and complicated development caused great damage to the livestock industry; and dividing and selling land lots and illegal construction developed complicatedly.


The provincial People’s Committee has also set out the key targets for 2020, in which GRDP increases by 8-9% compared to 2019; GRDP is about US$5,300; export turnover increased by 10-11%; it is necessary to strive to have 5 to 7 communes meeting the improved new countryside criteria and 1 commune meeting requirements for a model new countryside commune and strive to reduce 1,500 poor households and reach the rate of trained labor of 82%; and so on.


Duy Minh (P. Nga)


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