daiphuoc : tong quan e Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socio-economic overview


1. Geographic location:


Dai Phuoc is a commune located in the northwest of Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province and it has a natural area of ​​1,679.9 ha, accounting for 4% of the district’s area.


- Dai Phuoc borders on Long Tan commune to the east.


- Dai Phuoc borders on Phu Thanh commune to the southeast and has the natural boundary of Cai river.


- Dai Phuoc borders on Phu Dong commune to the south.


- Dai Phuoc borders on district 9, Ho Chi Minh city and has the natural boundary of Dong Nai river.


- Dai Phuoc borders on Phu Huu commune to the southwest.


Dai Phuoc commune has 3 hamlets of Phuoc Ly, Ben Co and Cu Lao. Especially, the deep river of Dong Nai is between Cu Lao hamlet and the commune’s center. Dai Phuoc is close to such important waterways as Provincial Road 769 (25A), Dong Nai River, and so on.


Photo: The boundary of Dai Phuoc commune


One the one hand, this favorable geographical location has great significance in Dai Phuoc’s economic, political and social development, especially from now to 2020. On the other hand, Nhon Trach district and Dai Phuoc commune are located in the center of the southern key economic region of Ho Chi Minh City - Bien Hoa - Vung Tau and in the future there will be a concentrated residential area with approximately 25,000 people. Therefore, in the coming time Dai Phuoc will have very strong development conditions for its infrastructure system and basic construction works associated with the development of the southern key economic region.


2. Topography:


The hilly land of Dai Phuoc commune is formed on ancient alluvial deposits with an area of ​​61.38 ha, accounting for 3.65% of natural area, and its lowland is formed on new alluvial deposits of Dong Nai river with an area of ​​1,081.82 ha, accounting for 64.40%. In addition, there are 536.69 hectares of rivers, accounting for 31.95%.


3. Climate:


Dai Phuoc is located in a tropical monsoon climate with a high temperature all year round, which is very convenient for the growth and development of many crops.

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