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 Socio-economic reality


In terms of the commune’s current economic structure, agriculture and services play a key role and the small industry and handicrafts occupy a small proportion. In the future, along with the development of Nhon Trach New City and the formation of the tourist urban area of ​​Ong Con island in Dai Phuoc the number of non-agricultural workers will increase, which contributes to gradually increasing the proportion of industry and services. Now, people’s main source of income comes from agriculture and services. The main crops are rice, vegetables and a few fruit trees located in residential areas. People’s living standards are still low due to unstable agricultural product prices, low crop yields, old varieties and gardens planted with various fruit trees, and low proportion of livestock industry.


+ Agriculture:


Cultivation: concentrated in the fields of Ben Co and Cu Lao hamlets. Livestock: Dai Phuoc has no concentrated place for raising cattle and poultry and water buffaloes, pigs, chicken, ducks, and rabbits are mainly raised in households with an average of 20 – 30 heads per household. The area for ​​aquaculture has increased compared to previous years, and 30 hectares of ponds and lakes are being used to farm shrimps and fishes of all kinds including 5.70 hectares of 14 households within economic cooperation groups, where giant river prawns are raised)


In general, Dai Phuoc’s agricultural production is relatively developed. Locals are sensitive to the market economy. However, the output for agricultural products is still low.


Small industry and handicrafts: Dai Phuoc has 14 industrial and small industry and handicrafts households, which mainly operate in milling, processing food and making wood products.


+ Services: Dai Phuoc’s services is quite developed with 98 households doing business, 35 others offering services and 45 others offering food and drink services on a scale of families and these business activities are concentrated in Dai Phuoc market and along DT 769 road.


+ Culture and education: Dai Phuoc has 1 primary school and 1 middle school that are concrete built and its middle school has received students from other communes like Phu Huu and Phu Dong. Also, there are model schools, markets, radio stations and libraries that meet people’s daily needs quite well. The regional Post Office area located in the commune; therefore, information is quick enough to be provided for locals. Up to now, Dai Phuoc has had 470 households that have installed their own telephones with an average number of 17 people/one telephone. Dai Phuoc is recognized to meet the national standards for a primary school.


+ Health and sports:


Dai Phuoc has not had a stadium, but every year it participates in the sporty movements and activities of the province and the district such as football, volleyball, Chinese chess, marathon, swimming, and so on and obtains a lot of achievements. Now, Dai Phuoc has 1 medical station with 1 doctor, 1 physician, and 2 nurses to well meet people’s examination and treatment needs to implement the population and family planning program effectively and reduce the natural population growth rate to below 1.4%.


Thanks to its above-mentioned conditions, Dai Phuoc has many advantages in socio-economic development. Although Dai Phuoc’s infrastructure is relatively complete and its agricultural sector has advantages of rice and crops, the economic efficiency of these crops has become poor in recent years. Therefore, to overcome this problem Dai Phuoc needs to gradually convert inefficient and less effective crops like types of crops and one-crop rice to other more advantageous purposes such as fishery farming and fruit trees. Dai Phuoc’s industry, and small industry and handicrafts have not been a strong point in its economic structure and it is necessary to promote the development of these industries. This is also a step towards rural industrialization and modernization. In general, the ability to create jobs for local workers in services and handicraft industries is low.


In addition, Dai Phuoc has still had some weaknesses such as the level of its labor force is low; its farmers have still had many difficulties in accessing science and technology; prices of agricultural products are low and how to find outputs for its agricultural products has not been solved. Therefore, the State needs to further improve the propaganda system from radio and television media, books, and newspapers; improve vocational education, career orientation and agricultural extension for local people as well as upgrade and develop the systems of rural transport and communication and living conditions in accordance with the future socio-economic development trend.


In addition, it is essential to identify varieties of plants and animals as well as the occupations that can help create jobs and contribute to improving people’s living standards.

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