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Dong Nai has actively built its cultural families and prevented domestic violence Update 15-06-2020 10:53
In 2019, the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism coordinated to organize a lot of positive and effective activities on the prevention of domestic violence and the construction of cultural families.

A lot of interesting activities in the Cultural Family Festival


Disseminating propaganda information to raise people’s awareness of the prevention of domestic violence and construction of cultural families has been paid a special attention to. In 2019, the sector has equipped 26 cabinets, 572 books for 26 family clubs, and 330 uniforms like shirts and hats for 66 groups of domestic violence prevention and control; printed and published 5,000 handbooks to prevent and control domestic violence, 2,000 sets of documents to improve the activities of clubs and groups, 5,000 leaflets of “The set of Code of Conduct in families” for districts and cities, changed the contents of 10 groups of banners, and hung nearly 3,000 banners and propaganda flags on the occasion of the celebration; performed 10 game show programs, 9 pieces of news on Dong Nai Radio and Television, 11 special pages on Dong Nai newspaper in the field of families; organized 11 training courses on family affairs, and distributed 1,300 documents.

In terms of the highlights in 2019, the whole sector held a lot of activities such as “Happy Family” contest on the occasion of International Happy Day, March 20; had the exchanges and festivals of Dong Nai province’s outstanding cultural families in 2019 to welcome Vietnam’s Family Day on June 28; Outstanding propagandist Contest for Project no. 279/QD-TTg; and so on. Especially, this year, focuses on building cultural families and preventing domestic violence through pre-marital education in various forms: building a special column of “Family Counseling Corner” on the website of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to maintain 24/24 activities and timely providing information and legal advice on violence prevention and control; coordinating to organize a seminar to prepare skills and give counseling on pre-marriage psychology to more than 600 students of 9 universities and colleges in the province in 2019; having exchanges on the occasion of the World Day of Eliminating Violence against Women and Children in 2019 that attracted nearly 300 participants, who are mainly students with the participation of consultants.


Having exchanges and a Festival of Outstanding Cultural Families of Dong Nai province


Currently, the province has 771 clubs of sustainable development families, 991 groups preventing domestic violence, 59 clubs of “Men say no to domestic violence”; 1,031 trusted community addresses; 171 points to avoid domestic violence; and 104 cultural boarding houses that are recognized throughout the province; the effective implementation of these models has made a positive contribution to intervening and mediating family-related conflicts. Particularly, domestic violence prevention and control groups and clubs of ‘Men say no to domestic violence” have operated proactively and effectively and become prestigious to people. The trusted addresses in the community have been able to promote the effectiveness and the victims of domestic violence are allowed to get into a shelter and receive counseling and support. As a result, 98.89% of households in the province have reached cultural family standards.


It is known that the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will conduct a review of the implementation of documents and projects of family affairs of the government, Prime Minister and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the province, thereby evaluating the achieved results as well as the weaknesses and obstacles to make plans for and putting forward practical solutions for further improving the construction of cultural families and preventing of the province’s domestic violence in the future.


Duy Minh (P. Nga)


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