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Scientific and technological information activities are a bridge to bring scientific and technological advances to people Update 15-06-2020 09:00
In recent years, Dong Nai’s Science and Technology has continually paid attention to investing in the area of science and technology information, especially in the sector of agriculture and rural areas, thereby timely introducing and disseminating theh Party’s guidelines and the State’s laws and legal policies to people as quickly as possible.

Joining the technology and equipment market in Can Tho city


Besides cooperating with the provincial Radio and Television Station in making and broadcasting the special items on science and technology; Dong Nai Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has applied information technology to change the operating model of the science and technology information points in communes, wards and towns in the province into a science and technology information network as well as been an advisor for and given advice to support guidelines and policies costs to update the information on the science and technology websites of 148 communes, wards and townships; supported the updating of information, database and scientific and technological information sources for localities to exploit and use.


Also, the dissemination of science and technology through newsletters has also been implemented effectively. Particularly, 12 science and technology newsletters are annually published to serve the leadership at communal to provincial levels and scientific and local technological research agencies and organizations in Dong Nai province. Especially, the initiative to build and publish 12 new science and technology newsletters for new rural areas has been disseminated to associations and unions of hamlets, neighborhoods, communes, wards and townships in the province and is making an important contribution to the process of building and developing the new rural areas in Dong Nai province.


The content of the newsletter focuses on disseminating the Party’s viewpoints and the State’s policies in terms of building the new countryside and science and technology programs for the new countryside to people all over the province; promptly introduce scientific and technological advances, good models and advanced examples in new rural construction. Also, the newsletter will contribute to improving people’s knowledge and the position of scientific information in the integration trend, meeting the demand for science and technology information, and contributing to economic, cultural and social development.


Participants are visiting the display area of the Science and Technology Newsletters at the Spring Newspaper Contest 2019


Along with further promoting and disseminating scientific and technological information, organizing contests and movements of Dong Nai’s science and technology sector is also a strength and an initiative in the movement to call for masses to enter the front of science and technology.


Mr. Nguyen Van Vien, Director of the Center for Science and Technology Information and Statistics, this is an effective solution for the fastest dissemination of the State and the Province’s policies on science and technology to organizations, individuals and people who are passionate about researching and contributing to Dong Nai’s Science and Technology. This is also a solution for simplifying farmers’ awareness of science and technology through their real jobs and products, and so on.


Summation showed that in 2019 Dong Nai’s Science and Technology continued to implement the contests and programs effectively with a large number of participants from scientists, officials, civil servants, lecturers and teachers to generations of pupils, students and a large number of people with a higher number than previous years. Particularly, Program to Promote Initiatives and Creativity in Labor and Learning in Dong Nai province received 640 solutions participating in contests compared to 370 solutions in 2018. The organizing committee of the program considered awarding 50 solutions, including 2 first prizes, 6 first runner-up prizes, 12 second runner-up prizes and 30 consolation prizes. Particularly, selected solutions are new, effective and highly applicable in both production and learning activities.


The “Test Yourk Knowledge of Dong Nai’s Cultural and Historical Value” Contest received more than 35,815 entries; “Grassroots-level Women Good at Applying Information Technology attracted the participation of 246 candidates; “Youth Union Members Good at Applying Information Technology” attracted the participation of 610 candidates; “Teachers Good at Applying Information Technology in Teaching Activities” attracted the participation of 580 teachers; Science and Technology Communications Products Awards attracted 221 products; Dong Nai Quality Awards considered awarding gold prizes to 8 businesses and silver prizes to 3 businesses; Startup and Innovative Contest attracted the participation of 26 ideas and considering awarding 1 first prize, 2 first runner-up prizes, and 3 second runner-up  prizes; and so on.


Students are reading the high prize-winning entries at the “Test Your Knowledge of Cultural and Historical Value” ​​contest 2019


The director of the Center for Science and Technology Information and Statistics said, to promote the activities related to scientific and technological information and statistics to meet the requirements for the State management, to serve scientific research and development, and to develop the local socio-economy, it is necessary to identify scientific and technological information activities, and programs to develop and improve officials’ science and technology capacity, and establish database on scientific and technological information for local socio-economic development; adopt mechanisms and policies and identify specific mechanisms for the officials that are engaged in scientific and technological statistics.


Duy Minh (P. Nga)


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