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Developing towards urbanization associated with the construction of new improved countryside Update 10-06-2020 09:50
In the period of 2008 - 2018, Nhon Trach was assessed to have great advantages in terms of trade and services, investment resources, infrastructure, and so on. Besides, along with its creative methods Nhon Trach district has mobilized the entire political system and people to participate in the construction of new countryside.

Over the past 10 years, Nhon Trach has raised over VND18,870 billion for the investment in infrastructure construction, VND10,700 billion of which is socialized capital sources, accounting for 56.7% of the capital source spent  on the construction of new countryside.


It is necessary to promote investment, develop production, restructure crops and animals and apply scientific and technological advances in cultivation and livestock.


In addition to the construction of infrastructure, Nhon Trach has promoted investment, developed production, changed crop structure and domestic animals, and applied science and technology advances to cultivation and livestock, and replicate effective production models to increase the value of agricultural production and improve farmer’s income. In particular, fishery farming in the district has been gradually transformed from improved extensive farming to semi-intensive and intensive farming. The production value of aquatic products reaches VND400 million/ha/year and intensive shrimp farming brings the profit of VND150 million/ha/crop. Especially, some shrimp farming areas applied with hi-tech can reach the value of VND4 billion/ha/year.


Up to now, the production value per unit of cultivated land and aquatic area has reached VND154 million, showing a 2.9 fold increase compared to 2008. Local people’s average income increased by 284% compared to 2008. In addition, Nhon Trach has helped to create jobs for more than 54,500 job seekers, offered vocational training courses teaching the occupations and skills that suit the society’s employment needs like civil electricity, forklift drivers, refrigeration, metal cutting, cooking, and so on to more than 2,360 people. The rate of people that can find jobs after training courses reaches 82%.


The system of infrastructure and rural traffic is spacious and beautiful


From now on and in the coming years, Nhon Trach will continue to develop towards urbanization associated with building new countryside. And to develop in a sustainable manner and gradually improve people’s life quality, Nhon Trach will disseminate propaganda information and call for people to join hands and agree to work with Party Committee and authorities to build up the improved new countryside; increasing the investment in building socio-economic infrastructure associated with urban development; building a comprehensive agriculture towards modernization; and training high-quality human resources.


Duy Minh (P. Nga)


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