vinhthanh : Socio – economic potentials Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socio-economic potentials


1. Labor source:

Vinh Thanh has a rather abundant labor resource and its total number of households is 3,447 with 17,353 people.


2. Land:

Vinh Thanh’s land area is divided as follows:

Types of land:

Area (ha)

Percentage (%)

+ Natural land area



+ Agricultural land area



+ Forestry land area



+ Special – use land area



+ Housing area



+ Unused land area



3. Communications:

Currently, communications are developing well; therefore, it can meet people’s demand for getting information needs of the people. The commune has 2 loudspeaker systems: a wireless and wired 150W wireless transmitter with 20 speakers with 10 clusters installed in 8 hamlets; and two 500W wired machines with 25/26 speakers, 1 wireless antenna pole of 19 m in height with 2,000 machines/3,447 households.


4. Transport:

There are are no national highways or provincial roads running through Vinh Thanh. Vinh Thanh has Huong Lo 19 and Road no. 2 of the district with 13 km of hot asphalt. The hamlet’s countryside road is 930 meters. The rest are gravel roads, and hamlet soil roads of 25 km - 30 km.

The total number of asphalt roads running through Vinh Thanh is 13,930 km, and soil earth of 25-30 km.

Currently, Vinh Thanh’s road system is good enough for travelling and has an annual repair plan (the government and people work together).



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