vinhthanh : Socio – economic reality Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socio-economic reality


1. Agriculture - Forestry - Fishery:

Vinh Thanh’s crops with agricultural advantages are rice and wheat plants.

Pig raising is its main activities and the rest are chickens and ducks.

Forestry: the forestry land area is 1,370.24 ha, and currently there has been no development orientation.

Fishery: The ​​land area for aquaculture is 82 ha; most of fishery activities are spontaneous; and the State has a policy to build embankments and so there has been no development orientation.


2. Services - Trade - Tourism:

At present, Vinh Thanh has about 800 laborers who are involved in services - trade – tourism and its services - trade - tourism activities are also spontaneous and unorganized, and the value of products that are made fail to meet supply targets according to demand.


Vinh Thanh has 3 private ecotourism sites: Field Fragrance, Golden Lion and Golden Triangle and it is making development orientation for the future.


3. Education:

Education is Vinh Thanh’s top concern and now it has sufficient educational facilities and qualified human resources that are capable of meeting locals’ learning needs. The commune’s teaching and learning activities have been carried out in a strict order right from the beginning of the school year with schools performing its enrollment well, calling for students to go to school, and staffing classes and carrying out programs in accordance with regulations. Specifically:


+ Vinh Thanh kindergarten.

+ Vinh Thanh primary school 1 and Vinh Thanh primary school 2.

+ Vinh Thanh secondary school.


The number of teachers according to each grade level is:

+ Kindergarten: 19 teachers.

+ Vinh Thanh primary school 1: 39 teachers.

+ Vinh Thanh primary school 2: 23 teachers.

+ Secondary school: 64 teachers.

The number of students by grade levels is:

+ Kindergarten: 538 children.

+ Vinh Thanh primary school 1: 955 students.

+ Vinh Thanh primary school 2: 592 students.

+ Vinh Thanh secondary school: 1,391 students.


4. Health:

Currently, Vinh Thanh has 1 medical station with 7 medical assistants and its activities are giving medical examination and treatment including medical examination for insurance card holders, free medical examination for children under 6, and the implementation of national health programs. And at present the medical station has been able to meet the national standards on health; the newly-built facilities in 1999 include 9 rooms for working; medical examination and treatment services are given according to working hours; and emergency services are given on a basis of 24/24.


5. Culture:

Vinh Thanh has 1 communal post office that is located in Thanh Minh hamlet. The commune’s cultural activities that happen quite  excitingly on holidays or during Tet holidays are playing soccer and volleyball, and holding musical events.


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