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 Development orientation


At present, Vinh Thanh’s economy is mainly based on agriculture, forestry and fishery whereas its industry, trade, services and tourism is still underdeveloped. Therefore, levels of Party Committees and local governments have put forward a number of solutions for dealing with the current issue.


1. Industry:


The industry will attain 20% of the economic structure of the whole commune by 2020.


2. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery:


According to the development orientation to 2020, the sector will reach 50%; the annual cultivation area will increase by 7%-10%; and it is necessary to pay attention to converting crops with high economic so that there will be no wasteland by 2020.


3. Trade, Services and Tourism:


It is essential to reorganize local markets in accordance with population growth; build multi-sector cooperatives with the capital of over VND500 million; and form an ecotourism area of ​​20-30 ha along the river and Ong Keo embankment that are developed on a large scale to attract tourists.


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