xuantam : Socio – economic potentials Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socioeconomic Potential


1.  Labor force

Total number of households: 5,510 families

Number of people: 27,131 people

Number of people at working age: 17,261 people

  • Rate of industrial labor: 2.238 people, making up 12.97 percent.
  • Rate of agricultural labor: 4,943 people,making up 28.64 percent.
  • Rate of trade-services labor: 2,820 people, making up 16.34 percent.

2. Land

Total natural land: 12,192.81 hectares - Percentage: 100 percent

·       Agricultural land area: 6.394,46 hectares - Percentage: 52.44 percent

·       Residential land area: 286.96 hectares - Percentage: 2.35 percent

Information about the commune’s land resources (if any):

-  Land resources: yellow-grey soil, volcanic pumice stone soil, thin layered soil and dark brown soil.

- Quality of land resources:

+ Yellow-grey soil: lightweight, less fertile and less water retention capability.

+ Volcanic pumice stone soil: average weight, stabilized structure, porous and rich of humus.

+ Dark brown soil: heavyweight, granulated structure, porous, less sour, rich of humus and rich of nitrogen.

+ Thin layered soil: poor quality

3. Forest resources

Forest area: 643.44 hectares

4.  Products and traditional handicraft:

Typical products: fine-art furniture, and agro products such as cashew nuts, coffee and cassava.

Operation situation: The operation of business and manufacturing sectors in the province remains stable.

Traditional handicraft: fine-art production.

5.  Communications

The situation of communications in the commune:

-  Post:

+ Land area: 300 m2­­­; construction area: 240 m2­­­; construction levels: level 4

+ Specialized rooms: four rooms

- Number of hamlets with Internet coverage: six out of nine hamlets, making 66 percent

- Number of telephone set per 100 people: 88, making up 88 percent

6. Transportation

National Highway, Provincial Road crossing the commune: National Highway

Length of crossing roads: About six kilometers

The condition of road system in the commune: There are three district-level roads and some three commune-level roads, and other hamlet-level lanes.​

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