xuantam : Socio – economic reality Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socioeconomic Facts


1.  Industry

The operation of some typical enterprises:

- The manufacturing and business of industrial zones such as Viet Duc Textile Company and DoNaStanda Footwear Company see robust growth.

Labor force, industrial potential and vision to industrial development:

- Labor force is enough to meet the demand of industrial potential development; industrial directions. Currently the commune is home to a high-tech agricultural-industrial zone and garment-textile and footwear industrial zones.

2. Agro-Forestry and Fisheries

Agriculture: Agricultural land, types of fruit with agricultural advantages and husbandry in the commune:

         Agricultural land area: 6,394.46 hectares, making up 52.44 percent

         Rice farming land area: 717.26 hectares, making up 5.88 percent

         Other annual plant growing land area: 233.86 hectares, making up 1.92 percent

         Perennial growing land area: 4,761.42 hectares, making up 39.05 percent

         Aquatic farming area: 16.09 hectares, making up 0.13 percent

         Other agricultural land area: 21.79 hectares, making up 18 percent

Forestry: Land used for forestry and the situation and development direction of forestry sector (if any): Land area for forestry: 64.44 hectares

Aquaculture: water surface area for aquatic farming, annual fishing volume and development direction: Aquatic farming area: 16.09 hectares

3. Services, trade and tourism

Labor structure, the operation of trade and services in the commune; annual product value: there are currently 955 establishments of trade and services with the value of VND706.3 billion.

4. Education

List of schools based in the commune:

  • Nguyen Dinh Chieu secondary school

  • Nguyen Van Troi primary school

  • Xuan Tam 1 primary school

  • Xuan Tam 2 primary school

  • Xuan Tam kindergarten

Number of teachers by grade:

         Kindergarten grade: 64 teachers

         Primary school grade: 99 teachers

         Secondary school grade: 73 teachers

Number of students by grade:

         Kindergarten grade: 460 children

         Primary school grade: 2,152 students

         Secondary school grade: 1,436 students

5. Healthcare

Number of health workers working at the commune’s health station: 12 employees including 10 permanent employees and two with periodic contracts, one doctor, one physician, one intermediate-level midwife, three intermediate-level pharmacists, one intermediate-level traditional medicine practitioner, one intermediate-level nurse and one primary-level nurse.

Information about the health station: Two-floor building with Thai-style roofs with total construction area of 612 m2 and 475 m2 of path, including 14 rooms designated to providing health checkup and healthcare to people.

People healthcare services: Total examinations and treatments: 20,796 cases; Traditional medicine: 3,585 cases.

         Full extended immunization: 450 shots.

         Gynecological examination: 2,917 cases.

         Gynecological treatment: 1,575 cases.

         Contraceptives:  153 units.

         Injection drug (contraceptive): 56 tubes; IUDs: five units; sterilization: five cases.​​

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