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The importance of using clean water and maintaining environmental hygiene Update 31-08-2020 10:52
Responding to the National Week of Clean Water and Environmental Hygiene this year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development chose the theme of “Rural clean water in the conditions of drought, water shortage, saline intrusion and disease”.

The centralized water supply projects in Xuan Thanh commune, Thong Nhat district


With the aim of improving knowledge, sense of responsibility, participation and commitment of families, communities, committees, sectors, unions, socio-political organizations and local authorities of the great importance of using clean water and maintaining environmental, personal and household hygiene to protect people’s health, prevent occurrence of diseases, and contribute to improving life quality towards sustainable development goals.


In particular, it is essential to ensure household water supply for the people in rural areas which are affected by drought, water shortage, and saline intrusion and this must be considered as a top priority.


Some launching messages in response to the National Week of Clean Water and Environmental Hygiene in 2020 are preventing people’s lack of domestic use water; supplying clean water for people is an urgent requirement, which cannot be slow downed any further; ensuring clean and safe water for the areas affected by drought, water shortage and saline intrusion; washing hands and clean water contribute to controlling COVID-19; storing water for households is considered as an effective solution in the dry season; joining hands for the supply of rural clean water in Mekong Delta, Central Highlands and South Central Region; supplying sustainable water in a sustainable manner; not being able to wait and having to consider water as the center of action plans; and so on.


The Annual National Week of Clean Water and Environmental Hygiene has been launched by the State Prime Minister every year since 1998 and it has been actively responded to by central committees and sectors, localities and people in the country to obtained the encouraging achievements in terms of water supply and hygiene to contribute to changing rural people’s life quality and living conditions.


Duy Minh (Le Khoi)

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