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Continuing efforts to re-herd to stabilize pig prices Update 30-09-2020 10:49
With a total herd of over 2.1 million heads, Dong Nai is still considered the "capital" of pig breeding in the country. After the African swine fever epidemic, the farmers in the province soon started to re-herd, increase the herd of pigs to ensure bio-safety in order to reduce supply pressure in the market. However, the re-herding and herd increase is still slow because many farms are severely damaged by cholera, lack of funds and lack of breeders.

 The price of live pigs is quite high, but many households dare not dare to re-herd


According to the raising households in the province, after the pig herd re-herd at the beginning of this year, due to the absence of African swine fever vaccine, many households only re-herd moderately because they fear that the epidemic might return.


Although the live hog price in the market is above 90,000 VND / kg, most of the small-scale breeders dare not increase their herd. Raising about 20 porkers, Mr. Le Cong Thanh, a farm owner in Hung Loc commune (Thong Nhat district), said that there is no African cholera vaccine, so people are still afraid, because if caught. forced destruction like last time, the family will default.


Not only seriously damaged by African swine fever last time, although the pig price is very high at this time, many households do not have the capital to expand breeding, large re-herd. While the breeds in the market are also in short supply, the price of seed is also sky-high about 15-16 million VND / head, so many households even want to borrow to re-breed but are afraid of the risk of a sharp drop in pig prices, making jobs the livestock may suffer losses.


“The breeders want the State to support disease-free and reasonable price breeds, people have the opportunity to re-herd. Along with that are the policies on preferential loans, debt freezing, debt rescheduling ”, Mr. Thanh shared.


After the African cholera epidemic, the shortage of supply, the departments and localities of Dong Nai have made efforts to soon re-herd and increase the herd of pigs to ensure bio-safety and epidemic safety. However, in recent time, the progress of re-herding and increase of pig herd in Dong Nai has been slow compared with the plan. Up to now, the total herd of pigs is only about 2.1 million (while the plan is set about 2.3 million heads).


Mr. Huynh Thanh Vinh, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that in order to be safe in the prevention and fighting against epidemics, those who do not have enough conditions do not allow re-herding. Most of small-scale livestock households infected with African cholera through the epidemic do not have enough strength and resources to implement the re-herding. Although the commercial price is high, the input price of pig breeds is very high, so people are very concerned about re-herding. Another difficult problem is that the majority of small-scale livestock raising households in residential areas do not ensure bio-safety and do not re-flock. Therefore, the problem of re-herding in the past time is very slow, slow compared to the plan ”.


Pig breeding prices are also at towering levels.


Although the progress of re-herding of pigs is somewhat slow; with 230 thousand sows and a total of about 2.1 million; Dong Nai will strive to bring the total herd to 2.5 million by the end of this year. Thereby providing not only Dong Nai, but also the market of Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces, contributing to reducing supply pressure, stabilizing pork prices in the market.


According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, localities are now encouraged to increase herds and re-herds, but the ministry's point of view must ensure bio-security is allowed to re-herd, because of the fact that pathogens are African swine fever is still very much in the environment, if the biosecurity is not done well, the disease will immediately enter the farm causing great damage. If we do not perform fast and efficient re-herding, we will lose a corner of the market share of the pig industry. Certainly, it is impossible to keep the pig price as high as this, there will be many solutions to manage and bring the pig price to a stable level in the market.


Duy Minh (T. Canh)

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