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Strengthening the direction of constructing the new countryside after required standards are met Update 30-09-2020 10:42
Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Vo Van Chanh has just signed Document No. 8256 / UBND - KTN to the Chairman of the People's Committees of districts and the Steering Committee for agriculture, farmers, rural areas and new rural construction (NTM ) province on strengthening the direction of new rural construction after reaching the standards.

 Promote the subject role of the people in improving a new countryside.

Accordingly, for the People's Committees of districts, focusing on directing 16 communes to seriously inspect, focus on overcoming the shortcomings and shortcomings after 5 years of meeting new rural standards and reporting the results of implementation on Provincial Steering Committee clears the Provincial Construction Program Coordination Office. With the group of communes maintaining, improving the quality and asymptotically improving the new countryside (Phuoc Khanh, Gia Tan 3, Xuan Tam, Binh An, Long Duc), it is necessary to focus on completing the advanced criteria that have not yet passed, making agricultural profiles The new village will be improved in the shortest time, further enhancing the environmental landscape, creating more green areas in the residential area and the bright - green - clean - beautiful route.

For the group of communes meeting the new rural standards, with low sustainability criteria (Xuan Duong, Xuan Bac, Xuan Hoa, Xuan Hung, Loc An, Tam An), it is necessary to check and clarify the cause, on that basis to adopt solutions to continue raising the quality of the criteria, especially improving the quality of leadership and direction; to work out a plan to well mobilize resources from the people; promote rural embellishment ...

For groups of communes that still have unsustainable criteria to meet the new rural standards (Nam Cat Tien, Phu Thinh, Trung Hoa, Quang Tien), it is necessary to evaluate and identify the causes, especially the causes of leadership. , command; promote the role of the subject of the people; responsibility for coordination of branches and unions in participating in the implementation of the New Rural Construction Program; There are specific solutions and plans to focus on embellishing and improving the rural landscape and environment, especially the waste treatment in residential areas, creating landscape of roads.

In addition, the People's Committees of districts continue to innovate and improve the quality of propaganda on both fronts: diversifying modes, concise content, easy to understand, close to the requirements; to promptly introduce good and creative models and practices; Continuing to deploy deeply and effectively implement the emulation movement "The whole province join forces to build a new countryside"; organize well contests to promote the movement of building a new countryside such as: "Bright, green - clean - beautiful route", "Good farmer" ...

Review and evaluate clearly, especially the cause for unsustainable indicators and criteria such as health insurance, clean water, cultural facilities, landscape and environmental sanitation, security ...

Promote production development along the value chain, effectively use forest land, focus on implementing a program of one product per commune in order to create many high-quality products and goods with specific characteristics and advantages of each region, region, contributing to the expansion and development of the rural economy, increase the income of rural people sustainably.

Continue to promote infrastructure development that really meets the general development of rural areas, especially traffic, irrigation, and schools; focus on the rural appearance embellishment such as: promoting the role of the Village Development Board, each household, each citizen in association with movements to organize the implementation in residential areas, roads, public places. plus ...

For departments, branches and unions of the province, it is necessary to further strengthen the inspection and assessment of the self-assessment results of localities to ensure strict, objective, and true reflection of the level of sustainability. , improving the quality of the criteria and targets in charge of the industry.

Regularly do well in guiding and assisting localities in organizing the implementation of a new and improved countryside, a model new countryside, model residential areas according to the set of criteria of the province and a new countryside associated with urban development , especially the difficulties and problems in the implementation of the criteria and criteria, promptly removed according to its competence or proposed to the Provincial Steering Committee.

Provincial People's Committee assigned the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to preside over, inspect and evaluate communes after 5 years of reaching new rural standards but not yet meeting new rural standards, ensuring strict, objective ...

Duy Minh (Thanh Canh)​

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