xuandinh : Socio-economic overview Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socioeconomic Overview


Geological location

Xuan Dinh is located west of Xuan Loc district, Dong Nai province. It borders with Long Khanh city in the west, the north and the south, with Bao Hoa and Cam My district in the southeast. Xuan Dinh is a traffic hub between Long Khanh city and Xuan Loc district. Its land is suitable for perennial growing, especially fruit trees.


The 1/5000 ratio topographical map and factual survey results show that there two main types of terrains including slightly sloping and sloping. The slightly sloping hilly terrain (less than 80) measures 950 hectare, taking up 71.3 percent of the total natural land, being used to plant rubber, coffee and fruit trees. The sloping terrain is located in the north, making up 28/71 percent of the natural land, with average slopes 80 to 150, which are too high to keep water and vulnerable  to erosion in the monsoon season.


Xuan Dinh is located within sub-equator tropical climate zone, which is typically:

- Rich of radiation energy (154-158 Kcal/cm2 per year on average). Much of sunshine (5.7 – 6 hours of sunlight per day). High and stable temperatures all year round (40C on average), high temperature sum (9,2710C per year). Almost lack of natural disasters such as storm, flood, suitable to agricultural development.

- High rainfall (1,956 – 2,319 mm per year on average), the rainy season often starts in May and ends in November; rain is abundant and heavy between July and September. The dry season starts in December to April. Due to imbalanced humidity during the season crops should be watered to result in high efficiency and cost-effectiveness..

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