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 Development Orientation


Xuan Dinh commune's New Style Countryside construction during the 2009 – 2010 period

- Implementing the general planning for socioeconomic development of Xuan Loc district by 2010 and toward 2020 and Plan No. 60-KH/HU dated 18/12/2008 of the Executive Committee of Xuan Loc Party Committee, Xuan Dinh commune was chosen to be a model for New Style Countryside construction.

* Making and implementing the Xuan Dinh New Style Countryside construction plan in the 2009-2010 period and vision to 2015;

* The communal Party Committee issue Decision on forming the Steering Committee; assigning members to specific fields and forming the Supervision Board.

* The communal Party Committee issued Decision on forming the Board of Management and Plan Making by 2015.

- As a result, the commune has achieved 29 out of 31 criteria according to Decision No. 74/ QĐ.UBND of Dong Nai Province. The two remaining criteria are to build the commune’s market in line with regulations and the Center for Culture and Sports.

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