xuandinh : Socio – economic reality Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socioeconomic Facts


1. Industry, small and handicraft industries, construction, trade and services

In general, the operation of industry, small and handicraft industries, construction, trade and services is stable and growing, focusing on agro product processing, small and handicraft industries develop diversely in the direction of supporting agricultural production. There are 131 production and business establishments, an increase of four establishments over the same period. The market prices increase sharply, especially materials for agricultural production, thus affecting farmers' income.

- Currently there is one enterprise which effectively manufactures rattan and bamboo products for export, employing more than 50 local workers.

- The trade and services cooperative has been established, with initial effective operation. Bao Dinh market was handed over to the cooperative for management and exploitation, and the project of marketplace - market street construction is carried out; the Trade & Services Cooperative has been given a decision on land clearance compensation and handed over land by the Provincial People’s Committee.

* Rural transport - basic construction:

 - Crossroad No. 4 of Nong Doanh hamlet, 271m long - the total approved funding is worth VND311,804 million, to which, people contribute VND118 million.

 - Bao Dinh hamlet belt road, 1.205m- Total cost of VND1.423 billion, to which, people contribute VND537.7 million.

- Three roads including Bao Binh hamlet No. 3 and No. 8, and Bao Dinh hamlet inner lane have been built and put into use.

- The financially socialized cemetery project: Out of total estimate of VND985.4 million, VND39.6 million is collected, making up four percent. Progress: leveling and constructing fences and inner roads are underway and has been put into use.

2. Education and training

The summary ceremony of the 2009-2010 school-year are held and summer activities have been launched on time. In the field of education, the campaign of “Saying NO to cheating in exams and achievement-adored disease" is strictly implemented.

- Primary school: Total number of students: 675, of which, good and excellent students include 598 students with 88.6 percent; 670 going straight to next grade, accounting for 99.3 percent and five poor achievement student, reach 0.7%.

- High school: Total students: 773 students, of which, good and excellent students are 426 ones, making up 55.1 percent; Average students: 286, occupying 37 percent; poor achievement students: 60 children, making up 7.6 percent, bad achievement student: one, accounting for 0.13 percent.

- Preschool: Total children: 376; 97% are rated as healthy babies.

3. Culture and information

In 2010, a number of activities are organized such as Celebrating the Party, Celebrating the Spring, celebrating major holidays and other performing and sporting activities.

- Propaganda information: Conducting 360 hours of propaganda (including 90 hours at the commune, 40 hours of mobile broadcasting) and 4m2 of panels, over 260m of banners, focusing on major holidays and Xuan Dinh commune Party Congress.

- Performances and sports: mini football friendship competitions and marathons with other communes are held, with 6 matches participated by 132 players and 543 runners.

"All People Unite to Build Cultural Life" movement: 1,774 out of 1,774 households registered to be Cultural Families, making up 100 percent and all three hamlet are classified as cultural hamlets, accounting for 100 percent and the distribution of cultural family books: 1,652 books are provided, reaching 83,1 percent .

 The campaign of sports family registration movement is launched, with 510 households registering and 1,507 people doing morning exercises.

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