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Changes have come thanks to the construction of a new countryside in Vinh Cuu land Update 11-09-2020 03:17
Thanks to Vinh Cuu’s people’s cooperation and the leadership of the Party and local government, Vinh Cuu was recognized by the State Prime Minister as a district meeting all new rural standards in late 2018.

Tan Trieu grapefruits have been certified for geographical indication


Up to now, Vinh Cuu has had 6 out of 11 communes meeting improved requirements for new countryside and 1 commune meeting requirements for being the province’s first model new countryside and the only new rural commune in the southern region.


Thanks to its construction of a new countryside, Vinh Cuu’s rural face of is increasingly changing with widened and asphalted and concreted roads and more spacious and beautiful infrastructure. Especially, local residents’ lives have been gradually improved. Up to now, Vinh Cuu’s poverty reduction program has achieved high results and its current poverty household rate is only 0.11% of the total number of households in the district.


Especially in recent years, thanks to the efforts of the political system and the solidarity of the entire people, Vinh Cuu’s economic structure has shifted in a right direction, investment in transport infrastructure has been focused on, and crop structure has changed in accordance with both industrial crops and fruit trees.


Duy Minh (Le Khoi)


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