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The value of livestock farm is higher than that of cultivation farms Update 11-09-2020 04:29
According to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dong Nai is one of the country’s leading localities in terms of strong grown in farm economic development with more than 3,200 farms, an average value of livestock farms is over VND5.4 billion per farm, and more than VND1.4 billion per farm.

Particularly, Thong Nhat district has the largest number of 1,265 farms; Xuan Loc district 691 farms; Trang Bom district 516 farms, and so on. The farm economic development project has supported 98 models of agricultural mechanization and helped the province’s farms with preservation and processing. The total funding for farms is over VND2,853 billion.


Also, farms have focused on investment to develop livestock animals and crops of high economic value; paid attention to applying high technology; invested in large-scale production; and ensured product quality and safety. Therefore, products can enter such modern consumption channels as the system of safe food stores and supermarkets, and so on. The farm economy has also pioneered in the implementation of safe production and traceability of agricultural products to meet the required standards for export markets.


Farms have effectively made use of their potential and advantages in terms of land. Compared to the province’s average level, cultivation farms reach a higher yield value worth VND42 million per ha and the development of a farm economy has contributed to creating jobs for a lot of local rural workers. Particularly, the total number of regular workers of farms is 11,766 with an average number of 3-4 workers per farm.


Duy Minh (Van Minh)


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