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 Socio-economic overview



Phu Ly commune is located to the north-east of Vinh Cuu district’s center, and is 40 kilometers away from the district center. It has a total natural land area of ​​28,005.34 ha.

Phu Ly commune borders Dang Hoa commune of Bu Dang district in Binh Phuoc province to the north; Ma Da commune of Vinh Cuu district in Dong Nai province to the south and west; Thanh Son commune of Dinh Quan districy in Dong Nai province to the east.


Phu Ly commune is divided into 9 hamlets: Hamlets 1, 2, 3, 4, Ly Lich, Ly Lich, Binh Chanh, Cay Cay and Bau Phung.


Phu Ly has a complex terrain of high, and sloping hills and wavy deltas

The level of slope ranges from 8 to 150


Phu Ly commune is located in the northern climate zone with hot and wet characteristics and a great rainfall with two different seasons. The rainy season starts from May to October and the dry one is from November to April.

The average rainfall reaches 2,500 - 2,800 mm per year, accounting for 90-95% of its total rainfall in the year. The number of rainy days is 150-160 days per year.

The average temperature: 26.7 Celsius degrees

The highest temperature: 34.2 Celsius degrees

The lowest temperature: 17.7 Celsius degrees

The average humidity is from 75 - 85%.


Phu Ly commune was established on August 29, 1994 and now it is of Tan Phu district in Dong Nai province.


Total population: 11,964 people

The number of households: 2,980

Ethnic minority groups: there are 9 main ethnic minority groups, including:

+ Kinh: 2,667 households

+ Chinese: 22 households

+Tay: 12 households

+Cham: 6 households

+Thai: 1 household

+Cho Ro: 192 households

+Muong: 52 households

+Kho Me: 32 households

+Nung: 4 households

Religion: there are 5 main religions: Catholicism, Buddhism, Caodaism, Protestantism and Hoahaoism.

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