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A commodity-based agriculture is developing Update 11-09-2020 03:15
According to the Central Steering Committee of the National Target Programs, the country’s agricultural restructuring in the past 10 years has been carried out towards adapting to climate change and market requirements.

Farmers are bold enough to apply scientific and technological advances and introduce mechanization into production activities.


Chain link models are formed


The most obvious thing is to switch from rice to fruit trees and vegetables; fishery structure has increased rapidly and agriculture has decreased; value chains have developed strongly, attracted businesses’ investment in large-scale processing, enhanced the application of science and technology, promote field merging and switching and mechanization; and so on.


The efficiency of the restructuring process has affirmed that agriculture continues to be the country’s strength with the formation of many specific agricultural areas by functions like clean and safe agriculture, suburban agriculture, large-scale commodity production agriculture, agriculture adaptable to climate change and so on.


Up to now, localities have focused on investing in and developing more than 27,000 link production models according to value chains and applied high technology. More than 1,600 safe agricultural product chains and more than 3,200 points selling safe products under a chain-based control with the participation of some large corporations.


Thanks to their increasing farming level, the productivity, quality and production efficiency of many agricultural products have been significantly improved. The production value per unit area increased sharply and the national average value in 2019 reached VND95.4 million/ha of cultivated land, rising by 68% compared with the production value of VND54.6 million/ha achieved in 2010.


The Central Steering Committee for National Target Programs affirmed that the rate of agriculture in both national and rural economies has dropped sharply to below 14%, agriculture continues to be Vietnam’s strength.

Our country’s agriculture is forming a lot of specific regions according to its functions: clean and safe agriculture, suburban agriculture, large-scale commodity agriculture, climate-adaptive agriculture, and smart high-tech applied agriculture.


Developing production towards modernization


In the period of 2021-2025, the Central Steering Committee’s orientations for the national target programs are to develop a modern agricultural production, increase added value, respond to climate change, and focus on exploiting the advantages of each region and each area.


The solution for implementing this orientation is to promote the development of large-scale concentrated production areas associated with the production models according to value chains; focus on developing clean agriculture, organic agriculture, and high-tech agriculture associated with applying standard technical processes and issuing production area codes.


It is essential to fully exploit the advantages of marine resources and develop aquaculture and fishing in an effective and sustainable way; attract businesses and corporations’ investment in a large-scale agriculture, and agro-processing and non-agricultural sectors to create more jobs; establish a system of connected centers; promote the consumption and export of products associated with a chain of wholesale markets or agricultural product supply centers; and so on.


Duy Minh (Van Minh)


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