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 New countryside activities

Building the new countryside in Phu Lam commune: Mobilizing peoples’ resour... (13/01/2020)
Immediately after being recognized to meet criteria for a new countryside, Party Committee, authorities and people from all walks of life in Phu Lam commune, Tan Phu district started the building of a new advanced countryside It is exp...
Raising people’s awareness and changing people’s behavior to help protect t... (13/01/2020)
It is one of the objectives of the project of “Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union joins hands in environmental protection and response to climate change in the period of 2019-2022” to have been approved of by the State Prime Minister la...
Applying scientific and technological advances in agricultural production h... (10/01/2020)
According to the report by the People’s Committee of Dong Nai Province, despite the impact of weather and epidemics, especially that of African swine fever the province’s agricultural production in August, 2019 and in the first 8 month...
In the first 9 months of 2019, 8,583 children in the province have been inj... (10/01/2020)
In recent times, sectors and localities have stepped up their activities to prevent children’s injury and drowning cases; focused on disseminating propaganda activities to raise the public awareness of preventing accidents, injuries, a...
The achievements in the construction of the new countryside in far-flung an... (09/01/2020)
As one of the far-flung and hard-to-access communes in Dong Nai province, Nam Cat Tien commune in Tan Phu district started the construction of a new countryside with numerous difficulties.
Tan Phu district: A system of markets meet criteria for a new countryside ... (09/01/2020)
Tan Phu was recognized to meet all requirements for a new countryside in 2019 by the central government although it is a mountainous district facing a lot of difficulties. Tan Phu district has focused on investing in and developing its...
Nam Cat Tien commune: Developing community-based tourism in association wit... (09/01/2020)
Being a gateway of Cat Tien National Park and having many scenic spots and abundant flora and fauna have created advantages in developing community-based tourism in some communes in Nam Cat Tien commune in Tan Phu district. A lot of vi...
Building a new countryside: “Bright - green - clean – beautiful” country ro... (09/01/2020)
As one of the most far-flung, hard-to-access, and difficult communes of ​​the province, thanks to the National Target Program on Building New Countryside up to now the materialistic and spiritual life of the people in Nam Cat Tien comm...
There is a high risk of failing to control dengue fever (09/01/2020)
In the first 9 months of 2019, Dong Nai has recorded more than 15,100 cases of dengue fever, up by 4,000 cases over the same period last year including 2 deaths.
The production value of agriculture, forestry and fishery in 2019 was low (09/01/2020)
According to a report by the People’s Committee of Dong Nai province, the estimated value of agriculture, forestry and fishery production in 2019 was only 3.5%, lower than the 4.4% of 2018.

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