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Focusing on assisting the pig farmers suffering from African swine fever to resume their production activities Update 08-01-2020 04:51
During his working session with the departments, sectors, localities and members of the Steering Committee for Prevention and Control of Emergency against African Swine Fever Epidemic, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Vo Van Chanh asked functional agencies, authorities and localities to focus on helping the farmers affected by African swine fever to freeze and extend their debts, reduce interest rates and make them new loans to develop production activities.

The inspection of infected pigs is conducted at the province’s livestock facilities


In addition, according to assigned tasks it is essential to regularly monitor, inspect, supervise, and closely coordinate with localities to prevent and control the epidemic; timely handle difficulties and problems; and show localities to take samples for testing African swine fever virus, and conduct isolation livestock and slaughtering activities, which is unified to be applied in the province to prevent the spread of the disease.


In particular, from the case of the households in Thong Nhat district successfully combating the epidemic by using alcohol residue, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee said, at the moment disseminating this method to livestock facilities that use alcohol residue as feed for pigs shouldn’t be conducted but it is necessary to encourage livestock facilities to make use of residues to feed pigs to reduce costs for animal feed and  the farms to make use of wine residues limit the epidemic.


According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, in late August 2019 African swine fever appeared in 11/11 districts and cities with 3,213 households in 122 communes and townships; more than 309,000 infected pigs were culled, accounting for 19.35% of the total pig population in the province.


Besides, although the rate of spread and disease outbreaks have slowed down compared to the previous time, the African swine fever epidemic in the province has still developed complicatedly.


Duy Minh (Phuong Vy)


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