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In 2018, the number of poor households in the province declined by 0.32% Update 05-12-2019 10:18
According to the provincial Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, about 4,700 poor and near-poor households including those having just escaped from poverty in the province were provided with loans worth over VND162 billion.

The tangerine-growing model for increasing family’s income in Dinh Quan district


In addition, the projects under the National Target Program on Poverty Reduction continue to promote their effectiveness in the implementation of policies to reduce poverty for people. Notably, the project to replicate the poverty reduction model has built and approved of 18 projects to replicate the poverty reduction model in 72 communes with 802 households, who are poor, near-poor and have just escaped from poverty and who are involved in projects with a total budget of VND13 billion. The projects to encourage farming, help with production, and develop agricultural jobs for poor households have been carried out in 9 districts and Long Khanh town with a total budget of nearly VND4.7 billion from the provincial budget, which is  spent on the following contents: organizing 40 training classes to provide techniques on how to take care of on plants and animals with 1,200 participants; assisting 414 households to join the project on plants, seeds, materials, animal feeds, and so on. Also, the communications project on how to reduce poverty has organized 90 propaganda classes for 2,700 arrivals of officials in charge of poverty reduction in communes and districts and poor and near-poor households; launched and integrated vocational training for the poor with the vocational training programs for rural laborers; and so on.


Particularly, the number of poor households in the province has decreased by 0.32%, exceeding the rate of approximately 2,502 poor households set in the resolution, the number of near-poor households by 0.48%, equivalent to about 2,298 near-poor households according to the poverty line in the provincial People’s Council’s Resolution no. 126/2014/NQ-HDND dated September 26, 2014.


Functional agencies offered presents to the poor in a charity event


The goal in 2019 is to strive to achieve the target of reducing poor households by 0.3%, equivalent to 2,400 households; and near-poor households by 0.5%, equivalent to 4,000 households. A lot of solutions have been put forward by the Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs sector to continue carrying out Dong Nai province’s poverty reduction program in of 2015-2020 period towards cutting down the poverty rate with multi-dimensional criteria under the State Prime Minister’s Decision no. 59/2015/QD-TTg dated November 19, 2015 on the introduction of the multi-dimensional poverty line applicable to the period of 2016-2020; enhance the dissemination of propaganda information to raise the poor households’ awareness and determination to attempt to escape poverty and become well-off households in poverty areas; improve the capacity and responsibility of the officials in charge of poverty reduction; uphold the sense of responsibility for organizing the programs of levels of authorities, Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, and unions and call for the community’s participation; strengthen superiors’ inspection, supervision and evaluation towards subordinates in the implementation of the Program; coordination with the supervision and evaluation of agencies elected by people, and socio-political organizations.


It is necessary to mobilize all resources to ensure a sufficient supply of capital to carry out the policies, projects, and activities within the Program; create a open and strongly-decentralized mechanism to synchronously implement projects, policies, and direct support activities for the households that are poor, near-poor, and have just escaped from poverty and poor regions through such policies as preferential credit; help with health, education, and electricity costs; supply clean water and protect the environment; encourage agricultural development and production; replicate poverty reduction models; perform communications on poverty reduction; help to improve the capacity for reducing poverty, and monitoring and assess the program; integrate other socio-economic programs with poverty reduction programs such as housing assistance for poor households, information assistance, vocational training, job creation, and so on; implement the policies for households that have escaped poverty to enjoy an additional two years for 4 policies such as farming promotion, vocational training, health care, and education for poor households. Particularly, the credit policy in the country gives the assistance of an additional three years according to the State Prime Minister’s Decision no. 28/2015/QD-TTg dated July 21, 2015 with the aim of ensuring a sustainable escape from poverty.


Duy Minh (Phuong Vy)


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