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The efficiency gains resulting from associating “effective people mobilization” with new countryside development Update 12-03-2020 02:18
The achievements that have been obtained in the past 10 years’ implementation of the province’s new countryside have come from the enormous contributions made in disseminating propaganda information and calling for officials, civil servants, youth union members and classes of people to fully grasp and know well about the program’s aims and significance, thereby mobilizing all resources to successfully accomplish all the set tasks and targets.

A round talks about how to mobilize people at all levels of authorities in Bien Hoa city


According to the Commission for People Mobilization at the provincial Party Committee, to implement the new countryside construction program under the direction of the central government, the provincial Party Committee, the provincial People’s Committee, and the Commission for People Mobilization at the provincial Party Committee have drafted and issued guidance documents for implementing contents like promoting people mobilization with the “Effective people mobilization” model.


Particularly, based on Dong Nai province’s criteria set of constructing the new countryside, tasks, functions and practical conditions of each locality the provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, organizations, unions, levels of Commissions for People Mobilization, and local people mobilization blocs in each locality are supposed to work together to further disseminate propaganda information, call for youth union members to proactively participate in criteria. In addition, it is necessary to actively coordinate with local authorities to join hands in supervising, managing and implementing contents of constructing new countryside; strengthen people’s supervisory role in various fields, especially mobilizing investment capital and building facilities like electricity, roads, schools and stations; and mobilize resources into practical and effective poverty reduction activities.


In the past 10 years, the province’s “Fund for the Poor” has raised VND264.2 billion; and built and repaired 7,722 houses of compassion. Through the organization of the “All people unite to build a cultural life in residential areas, advanced residential areas, and cultural agencies and units organized and mobilized by levels of authorities, sectors and unions, 98.92 % of families have won “A cultural family” titles and 97.2% of hamlets and quarters have won “A cultural locality” titles.


In particular, it is essential to carry out the “All people unite to build new countryside and civilized urban areas” campaign; especially to construct improved new countryside, the model new countryside has been able to promote people’s central role and cause a positive impact on how to improve people’s spiritual and materialistic life. Most of the registered models are associated with the implementation of new countryside construction criteria in all the fields of economics, culture, society, national defense, security, construction of a political system, and so on, especially calling for people to donate land, and contribute both money and workdays.


Particularly, guidelines, policies and implementation steps have been publicly announced; therefore, movements to call for people’s land and workday donation have occurred more and more popularly. In the past 10 years, people from all walks of life in the province have contributed over VND300 billion, upgraded more than 500 km of roads, dredged canals, cleared bushes, and collected waste in residential areas to contribute to changing the countryside’s face.


Houses are offered to the poor in the province


In addition, in response to the emulation movement of “Effective people mobilization” prestigious people among the province’s ethnic minority groups, dignitaries, and officials have proactively joined hands in mobilizing priests, religious followers, ethnic minority groups to donate land to build schools and compassion houses; call for dignitaries and religious followers to actively follow the motto of “Living a good life and have a good faith”, well implement the Party’s guidelines and the government’s laws and policies, build a great unity bloc of the entire nation in conserving and promoting the good value and cultural traditions in residential areas.


Also, the emulation movement of “Effective people mobilization” in site clearance, compensation, and resettlement has achieved positive results through direct dialogues between heads of levels of Party Committees and authorities and people. In the last 10 years, the government has cooperated with political organizations in holding 900 dialogue conferences and announcing the main contents concerning people’s life, and businesses’ difficulties, especially those in the areas of land management, land acquisition, site clearance, compensation, and so on in key projects.


Up to now, 11,890 models of “Effective people mobilization” have registered for their participation with more than 6,000 collectives and nearly 5,900 individuals including economic, cultural and social development models; infrastructure construction; restructuring for plants and animals; getting rich legitimately; building a cultural life; preserving security and order; and so on. The outstanding movements are motorbike taxi driver teams’ joining hands in  protecting national security; female civil-defense teams in ethnic minority community; workers’ boarding houses and student’s dorms that are free of crime and social evils; models of self-governing inter-family groups; models of 4-reduction residential areas; residential areas with the elderly families, who ensure safety, cleanliness, green, clean and beautiful self-control roads; and “Security gong sounds”.


In the field of building the political system, it is a model of “Effective people mobilization” in reforming administrative procedures, meeting people and having dialogues with people like the model of “non-administrative boundary” in receiving and returning results for administrative procedures and public services; the model of “Showing respect and causing no difficulties for people”, thereby having nearly 400 collectives and individuals honored and 5,354 collectives and individuals honored at the provincial level.


In order to create a high consensus among the political system, the provincial People’s Committee Committee advised the provincial Fatherland Front Committee and socio-political organizations, local masses’ organizations to further disseminate propaganda activities to youth union members and people and make them know well about “Effective people mobilization” emulation contents and movements and criteria for building a new countryside and an advanced new countryside. In addition, the systems of people mobilization, Fatherland Front Committee, organizations and unions at provincial to grassroots levels have proactively coordinated with local authorities in developing the “Effective people mobilization” models at communal level; give specific responsibilities to organizations and officials in order that they can promptly grasp and solve existing problems, difficulties and obstacles at grassroots level.


Thanks to the effective implementation of people mobilization tasks, the province’s new countryside construction program in the past 10 years has raised nearly VND377 trillion including nearly VND42 trillion from the State budget, VND226 trillion from credit loans, more than VND62 from businesses and nearly VND47 trillion from people. Particularly, 133/133 communes have met requirements for the construction of a new countryside; 11/11 districts and cities have completed their construction of a new countryside at district level; and 34 communes have met requirements for the improved new countryside.


Duy Minh (Thanh Ngoc)

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