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 New countryside activities

The efficiency gains resulting from associating “effective people mobilizat... (12/03/2020)
The achievements that have been obtained in the past 10 years’ implementation of the province’s new countryside have come from the enormous contributions made in disseminating propaganda information and calling for officials, civil ser...
Strengthening the activities to basically change the province’s education a... (17/02/2020)
In order to raise people’s awareness and focus on leadership and direction to overcome the shortcomings and weaknesses in the past years, create a considerable change in the province’s education and training in the coming time; and sim...
The regulations on the organization and operation of the Office of the Peop... (17/02/2020)
The People’s Committee of Long Khanh city has just introduced the regulations on how to organize and operate the Office of the People’s Council and the People’s Committee of Long Khanh town like stating the regulations, tasks, authorit...
Strengthening the prevention of violence and child abuse (17/02/2020)
In recent years, preventing and fighting with violence and child abuse has always been paid attention to by all levels of authorities and sectors in the province. However, the issue concerning child abuse has still tended to grow, caus...
Nearly VND2.3 billion for the application of good agricultural practices (G... (17/02/2020)
According to the proposal of the provincial Department of Finance on helping with the application of good agricultural practices (GAP) in the province, the provincial People’s Committee decided to agree upon the support amount of nearl...
The new administrative procedures for the health sector announced (17/02/2020)
The Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee made its Decision no. 3,800 on the announcement of newly-issued administrative procedures; amendment, addition, and abolishment under the authority of the provincial health sector.
The province’s State budget’s revenues in 2019 reached more than VND54 tril... (17/02/2020)
According to the report on the State budget’s revenues and spending in the province in 2019, the province’s State budget’s revenues was estimated at about VND54 trillion, reaching 100% of the estimates at the beginning of the year and ...
A lot of useful activities held during the Waste Recycling Festival (04/11/2019)
According to Dong Nai Department of Natural Resources and Environment, this year Dong Nai Waste Recycling Festival will be held at the provincial Sports Training and Competition Center on June 9, 2019.
Strengthening the State management of the province’s chemical activities (04/11/2019)
Continuing to strengthen the close and synchronous coordination in the province’s management of chemical activities among the State management agencies; and improve chemical management, prevention and response to the chemical incidents...
“When you eat a fruit, think of the man who planted the tree” movement impl... (04/11/2019)
According to Dong Nai Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, the province is now managing and taking care of nearly 57,000 people with meritorious services and their relatives and more than 4,500 people who are entitled ...

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