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Making outlines for the program of sustainable agricultural development Update 21-08-2020 11:28
According to the province’s Decision no. 1952/QD-on approving of the outline of “Dong Nai province’s sustainable agricultural development province” in the period of 2020-2025”. The outline of the project is led by the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The face of rural areas has seen a lot of changes


The outline is aimed at orienting and directing the province’s agricultural development in the coming time; connecting agricultural economic development with social and environmental development; simultaneously promoting favorable conditions towards the building of a modern agriculture to meet current and future needs, especially being proactive to respond to the impacts of climate change and the requirements that are set out in developing a sustainable agricultural production.


The outline is required to comply with principles, ensure closeness to reality, associate developing stable and sustainable raw material areas with the process of industrialization and modernization of agriculture and rural areas to step by step investing in depth, renovate technology and equipment to expand production areas, increase the value of agricultural products, meet domestic and international market requirements, and fully  promote the highest efficiency of local resources and advantages.


The duration for implementing the outline is 8 months. The targets of the project are farmers, farm owners, cooperative groups, cooperatives, and enterprises that are engaged in local agricultural production.


The contents of the outline include assessing resources related to sustainable agricultural development like natural conditions and natural resources, and socio-economic conditions; assessing the reality of agricultural economic development in the period of 2015-2019 in terms of total product value, growth rate, income per unit area, and so on; assessing the current state of technical infrastructure for agriculture, forestry and fishery production and the current state of commercial infrastructure for the agricultural sector, and human resources.


Farmers visit a model of high-yield agricultural crops


The second content is assessing the reality and forecasts that are related to sustainable agricultural development including assessing the reality of agricultural production in fields of cultivation, livestock, fishery, and forestry; implementing the national target program on building a new countryside; assessing mechanisms, policies and the real implementation of policies for production, business and investment in infrastructure for agricultural production; factors affecting sustainable agricultural production; providing forecasts related to sustainable agricultural production to 2025, advantages, disadvantages, and challenges.


The third content is developing a sustainable agriculture of Dong Nai province until 2025 including the sector’s development viewpoints, general goals, specific goals, and development orientations for each field in the agricultural sector; and key tasks and solutions including conducting production associated with processing of each field (cultivation, livestock, fishery, forestry, preservation, preliminary processing, post-harvest processing, and calling for investment in agro-processing factories); developing science and technology like promoting the application of science and technology and high-tech agriculture, conducting a production that meets export standards (Viet GAP, GlobalGAP and organic) associated with developing hi-tech applied agricultural areas; applying information technology, biological technology, and new technology for production, self-control, and smart production; registering for protection of brand names and trademarks of the province’s outstanding and key agricultural products; developing infrastructure including irrigation projects, power grids, transport infrastructure, clean water supply systems, markets, trade centers, warehouse systems, and so on.


Duy Minh (Thanh Ngoc)


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