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Five years’ construction and development of Long Khanh city with a lot of highlights Update 24-08-2020 08:11
In the past 5 years (2015-2020), thanks to many appropriate solutions and steps the Party Committee of Long Khanh city has created many breakthroughs in the city’s developing social economy, and caring for and stabilizing people’s lives.

Visiting the city’s families with meritorious services to the national revolution


For Xuan Thanh ward, thanks to its effective promotion of collectives’ spirit of solidarity, democracy, dynamism and creativity and the efforts and determination of all the political system at levels of wards to neighborhoods, the city’s economic development activities have steadily developed, promoted strengths in in commerce – services to create a remarkable change in people’s socio-economic life, and improved their life quality.


Cultural, artistic, physical and sporty activities and movements have been maintained; the campaign for calling people to unite to build a cultural life in residential areas has been promoted; broadcasting and propaganda-disseminating activities have been strengthened; activities like creating jobs, reducing poverty and showing gratitude have been paid attention to; people’s lives have improved both physically and mentally; improving people’s lives, especially those of government policy beneficiary and ethnic minority families has been improved; social political security and order has been maintained; preventing and controlling types of criminals has been actively carried out; social evils have been gradually pushed pushed back; recruiting troops has met annual targets and reached 100%.


In addition, the Party building has been paid a great attention to; organizing officials and building and consolidating the political system have been paid attention to; inspection and supervision of sub-Party organs have been paid attention; creating sources and admitting Party members with 61 admitted Party members have exceeded the targets set by higher levels of authorities with an annual average of 103%; and the Party Committees of wards have well performed its leadership role, inspected and urged the entire political system at levels of wards to neighborhoods to attempt to complete their local political tasks.


In Hang Gon commune, in the past term the economic structure in the commune has shifted towards a right direction; the agricultural sector has continued to grow towards high quality; diseases on domestic animals and poultry have been controlled; agricultural promotion has been paid a great attention to; reducing poverty, showing gratitude repayment, taking care of the materialistic and spiritual life of government policy beneficiaries and ethnic minorities have been effectively implemented; political security situation has been maintained, social order and security has seen a lot of positive changes, and recruiting troops has achieved higher and higher quality; drills to prevent and control have been successfully organized; and the State management activities have seen many positive changes and the one-stop-shop model in the field of land have been well implemented.


The activities of Fatherland Front Committees and unions have seen a lot of changes in both contents and operation methods; the building of the Party has been paid attention to; the quality of Party Committee meetings have  been gradually improved; launching and implementing the movement of studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s morality and styles have been conducted; Party Committees focus on completing “new Party member admission” targets; inspecting the Party’s activities have been strengthened; communes’ Party Committees have been proactive enough to update their leadership methods, promote the strength of Party Committees, political system, and people’s great unity bloc to successfully achieve set objectives and tasks.


According to the report by the Party Committee of Long Khanh city, the entire city’s Party Committee currently has 35 Party Committees, 12 grassroots sub-Party Committees, 23 grassroots Party Committees, and 187 sub-Party organs. In the term 2015 - 2020, the Party Committee of Long Khanh city admitted 1,230 party members, bringing the total number of members of the entire Party Committee to more than 5,100.


Over the past 5 years, the socio-economic situation has developed quite well; the economy has grown steadily; economic structure shifted in the right direction; the state budget revenue is estimated at VND5,000 billion, exceeding the estimate assigned by the province on average 40% per year; VND27,509 billion has been raised for investment and development, exceeding plan targets; many projects have received a great attention in building and upgrading, especially key projects, main roads, and urban and rural infrastructure; and many key projects have been carried out and the construction progress has been accelerated.


Farmers increase their income thanks to durian trees


In particular, the program of building an advanced new countryside has obtained certain achievements, the city has mobilized approximately VND5,520 billion from people, businesses and sponsors to invest in the program of building a new countryside; the number of communes with concreted roads reaches 100%; the number of streets and lanes satisfying requirements for “Brightness greenness, cleanness and beauty” reaches 76.1%; agriculture has gradually shifted to a commodity production with improved quality and efficiency; the value of agricultural production increases by 6.1% per year on average; farmers’ materialistic and spiritual life has been improved; and the income per capita in rural areas continues to increase, achieving VND67 million/person/year in 2020, up 1.5 folds compared with 2015. Most targets and 42/42 targets set in the resolution of the Congress of the communal Party Committee, which is now the Party Committee of the city have exceeded plans.


Duy Minh (Thanh Ngoc)



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