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 Socio-economic reality




The business and production activities of some outstanding enterprises: Xuan Binh has 112 industrial manufacturing facilities including 2 state-owned, 83 non - state owned, 3 foreign-owned, and 4 household businesses. The business facilities in Xuan Binh are small-and-medium-sized.




The list of schools in Xuan An: Hoa Mi and Binh Minh pre-schools, Nguyen Trai and Ho  Thi Huong junior high schools, and Hoa Binh primary school.


The number of teachers for each level of school:


1st graders: 4; 2nd graders: 5; 3rd graders: 7; 4th graders: 6; 5th graders: 6.


The total number of teachers: pre-school: 42; primary school: 43; and junior high school: 172.


The number of students for each level of school:


1st graders: 139.


2nd graders: 181.


3rd graders: 207.


4th graders: 193.


5th graders: 173.


3 pre-school classes: 7 sprout classes, 8 bud classes, and 5 leaf classes.


6th graders: 27.


7th graders: 22.


8th graders: 22.


9th graders: 23.


Xuan Binh’s education: investing in and developing Xuan Binh’s education and training activities in the past years have been paid a special attention to. Xuan Binh has 5 schools and Hoa Binh primary school and Ho Thi Huong junior high school have met the national standards.




The number of staff at Xuan Binh’s medical station is 7 people.


The information on Xuan Binh’s medical station: it was established in 2004.


- The medical station was built in 2009.


- The station’s area: 2,546 sqm.

Xuan Binh medical station’s taking care of people’s health:


- Giving medical examination and treatment to local residents.


- Taking disease prevention measures.




+ Xuan Binh’s cultural house: Xuan Binh has 5 quarters.


Xuan Binh has a community learning, culture, and sports center that is operating effectively.


+ Cultural activities:


- Participating in the competitions and festival that are organized by Long Khanh town.


- Participating in all the football, volleyball, badminton, swimming, and drawing contest that are held by Long Khanh town Center for Culture and Information.


- Coordinating with Xuan Binh’s committees, sectors, and unions to organize competitions and sports events to celebrate major holidays.


- The number of people doing exercise and playing sports regularly: 52.6%.


- The rate of households doing exercise and playing sports regularly: 50.28%.

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