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 Socio-economic potential




The total number of households in Xuan Binh: 2,148.


Population: 9,298 people.


The number of people at their working age: 7,533 people.



Xuan Binh’s total natural land area: 120.99 ha, accounting for 100%.


+ Xuan Binh’s agricultural land area: 6.61 ha, accounting for 5.47%.


+ Xuan Binh’s special use land area: 63.19 ha, accounting for 52.23%.


+ Xuan Binh’s residential land area: 34.86 ha, accounting for 28.82%.




The National Highway 1A runs through Xuan Binh.


The number of kilometers running through Xuan Binh: 2.5 km


Xuan Binh’s current road system: it has 46 roads and 9.97 km of alleys.


Asphalted roads: 7.97 km.


Soil roads: 2 km (Vo Duy Hung and Luong Dinh Cua streets and the soil alleys that are connected with roads 699 and April 21).


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