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Strengthening the prevention of violence and child abuse Update 17-02-2020 03:42
In recent years, preventing and fighting with violence and child abuse has always been paid attention to by all levels of authorities and sectors in the province. However, the issue concerning child abuse has still tended to grow, causing frustration among the society. The majority of cases are involved in female child abuse, and the abused cases happen by taking an advantage of acquaintances and show complicated development.

The provincial Women’s Union gave awards to the collectives and individuals for the effective implementation of the Law on Prevention and Control of Domestic Violence


Therefore, the provincial People’s Committee has issued a directive to ask the People’s Committee of districts and cities, departments, agencies, and unions to strengthen their coordination and propaganda activities to raise people’s awareness of providing information on crimes; strengthened the State management over child protection, care and education; focused on the prevention and control of children who have been under violence or abused with the aim of ensuring children’s safety and families’ happiness; promoted inter-sector coordination activities like disseminating propaganda, offering training, and holding thematic talks on legal knowledge and skills to prevent, avoid and self-protect for students and teachers; improve the prevention, detection and settlement of child abuse behaviors; thoroughly review and handle the existing cases of violence and child abuse; resolutely and strictly handle violating organizations and individuals and commit the acts of covering, delaying, and deliberately prolonging or not handling detected cases; and so on.


Duy Minh (Thanh Ngoc)


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