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 Socio-economic overview


1. Geographic location:


Phu Dong commune is located in the west of Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province and has a total natural area of ​​ 2,258.99 ha. The commune’s administrative boundaries are as follows:


- Phu Dong commune borders on Dai Phuoc commune to the north.


- Phu Dong commune borders on Phu Huu commune to the northwest.


- Phu Dong commune borders on Phuoc Khanh and Vinh Thanh communes to the southeast.


- Phu Dong commune borders on Phu Thanh commune to the east.


- Phu Dong commune borders on Ho Chi Minh city to the southwest.


2. Natural land area:


- Phu Dong commune’s total natural area is 2,258.99 ha and it has a total population of 4,129 households and 15,151 people in 2020. Phu Dong is divided into 5 hamlets: Thi Cau, Giong Ong Dong, Ben Ngu, Ben Dinh and Phu Tan. As planned, Phu Dong commune is planned for its infrastructure towards a modern urban area with an appropriate economic structure and forms of appropriate production organization, and it is quickly transforming from agricultural production to industry and services.


Photo: Planning for the urban area of ​​Phu Dong commune, Nhon Trach district


3. Administrative units:


Phu Dong has 1 Center for Culture and Community Learning, 5 culture houses and hamlet sports areas, 1 medical station that are recognized to meet national standards, 3 local schools, 1 secondary school, 1 primary school; 1 kindergarten that are recognized to meet national school standards.


4. Terrain:


Phu Dong has a flat and even terrain with 40% of high hills and 60% of plain, and it also has a network of interlaced rivers and canals.


5. Climate


Phu Dong is located in a monsoon climate with two seasons.




- Average temperature: 26 Celsius degrees.


- Highest temperature: 29 Celsius degrees.


- Lowest temperature: 24 Celsius degrees.


Photo: Planning for the eco-urban area in Phu Dong commune


6. Population:


Total population: 15,151 people.


The total number of households: 4,219.


Ethnic groups: Kinh, Khmer, Tay, and Chinese Vietnamese.


Religions: Caodaisim, Buddhism, Christianity, and Protestantism.


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