phudong : Socio – economic reality Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socio-economic reality


1. The reality of agriculture, forestry and fishery:




Phu Dong’s ​​agricultural land area, kinds of fruit trees with an agricultural advantage, and raising cattle and poultry buffaloes, cows. Agricultural land: 312 ha with the crops of advantages like rice and sugarcanes.


The commune’s livestock activities tend to decrease:


- Cattle decrease from 725 to 120 heads.


- Pigs decrease from 2,312 to 125 heads.


- Poultry increase by 10,000 heads from 100,000 heads.


2. Education:


List of the schools in the commune:


- Phu Dong kindergarten 1.


- Phu Dong kindergarten 2.


- Phu Dong primary school 1.


- Phu Dong primary school 2.


- Phu Dong secondary school.


- Nhon Trach high school.


Photo: The academic year opening ceremony of Nhon Trach high school, Phu Dong commune


The number of teachers by grade levels:


Primary school: 38 teachers.


Preschool: 42 teachers.


- Long Tan kindergarten: 19 teachers


- Secondary school: 45 teachers.


- High school: 43 teachers.


Photo: The campus of Nhon Trach high school, Phu Dong commune


The number of students by grade levels:


- Primary school: 518 students.


- Hoa Sen kindergarten: 327 children.


- Phu Dong kindergarten: 387 children.


- Secondary school: 479 students.


3. Health:


At present, the commune’s medical station offers medical examination and treatment to locals and is on 24/24 duty. It also provides medical examination and treatment to insurance card holders, and carries out community health programs achieving 98%-100% as required targets and the station is fully equipped with medical equipment for people’s medical examination and treatment.


In addition to its health station, the commune arranges the medical network in 5 hamlets, which ensure to meet people’s healthcare well.


4. Culture:


The commune’s cultural information: the State poured the investment capital of VND700 million in the construction of the commune’s culture house on an area of ​​6,000 sqm in Ben Dinh hamlet.


The commune’s cultural house includes 1 director, 1 deputy director, 1 official of the cultural house, 1 official of the community learning center, and 1 guard. The cultural house is equipped with offices, a small hall, a volleyball court, a badminton court, an outdoor stage, and martial arts ground. Also, the cultural house is open from 6pm to 22pm every day including Saturday and Sunday.


The commune has 1 musical performance team, 4 football teams, 10 volleyball teams, 1 unicorn dance team, 60 badminton athletes, and 1 martial arts club. The cultural and sporty activities have been actively responded to by locals and simultaneously on the occasion of major holidays the commune holds competitions for athletes can participate to improve their health and skills and serve locals.


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