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 Development Orientation



Striving for an average growth rate of 9-10 percent per year in the production value of industry and small-handicraft industries as well as boosting the development of small-handicraft and rural industries to create jobs and raise incomes for laborers.

Efficiently implementing the planning of industrial development in the commune; strengthening the linking ties between regions to create feedstock supplies, motivating industries to develop, focusing on the industries using locally sourced materials and labor and causing less environmental pollution, and processing industries for agriculture and forestry; developing food processing industry, especially the agricultural product processing for the restructuring of plants; and developing the agriculture sector toward specialization in line with high-tech.

Encouraging all economic sectors to invest in rural industries to create more jobs, increase income for laborers, and promote rural economic development.

Efficiently implementing enterprise supporting policies and current incentives, information sharing, and administrative procedure simplification, creating favorable contact channels to communicate with local enterprises; understanding, supporting and solving difficulties in order to ensure that the enterprises maintain production and develop stably.



Developing agriculture toward modernity, commodity production, high-yield, quality, high-efficiency and sustainability; attaching importance to the quality and branding of products, gradually forming the value-linking chain of the products; striving for an annual average growth rate of 7.15 percent in agricultural production value (price comparison to 2010); by 2020 the value of the animal husbandry accounting for 57.66 percent of the agricultural value; striving for the average product value of one hectare of agricultural land by 2017 to reach VND423,777 million per hectare; and by 2020, VND543.013 million per hectare.


Striving for an average growth rate of 17-19 percent a year in production value (price comparison to 2010); attaching importance to the development of various forms of trade and services for agricultural production and rural life, and environmental sanitation services.

Developing trade and services in order to meet locals’ demand for living and consumption; encouraging and creating favorable conditions for all economic sectors to contribute to the rapid development of services in the commune; attaching importance to the development and expansion of trade and service operations, such as transportation, agricultural materials, plant protection, veterinary medicine, postal service and culture in order to meet the locals’ demands of living and production.

Reviewing and streamlining business lines in the commune; paying attention to the planning trading network of agricultural products, agricultural materials, cattle and poultry slaughter in order to expand and develop the market for agricultural products and livestock; strengthening the State management of trade and service operations; making the market transparent and competitive.​

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