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 Socio-economic overview



Binh Loc is 5 km from Long Khanh town to the northeast. It has a total natural area of ​​2,183.16 ha, accounting for 11% of the land area of ​​Long Khanh town.

- Binh Loc borders on Bao Vinh and Bao Quang communes in Long Khanh town to the east and borders on Xuan Bac commune in Xuan Loc district.

- Binh Loc borders on Xuan Thien commune in Thong Nhat district to the west.

- Binh Loc borders on Suoi Tre and Bao Vinh in Long Khanh town to the south.

- Binh Loc borders on Xuan Thien commune in Thong Nhat district and Suoi Nho commune in Dinh Quan district to the north.


Binh Loc has 5 hamlets: hamlet 1, hamlet 2, hamlet 3, hamlet 4 and Cay Da hamlet. It has a political system including the Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, committees, sectors, and unions and 11 Party cells: Party cell 1; Party cell 2; Party cell 3; Party cell 4; Cay Da Party cell; Agency Party cell; Military Party cell; Public Security Party cell; Le A junior high school Party cell; and Nguyen Huu Canh primary school Party cell.


Binh Loc has midland terrain, a red basalt soil in high land areas, and black gravel soil in lowland areas, and field soil in streamside areas.

+ Binh Loc has an average slope of approximately 50 to 80

+ Binh Loc has a relative slope of approximately 80 to 150.

+ Binh Loc ha a maximum slope of approximately 150 to 200.


+ Binh Loc is in a tropical monsoon climate, and it has 2 rainy and sunny seasons.

+ Binh Loc’s rainy season is from May to October and its sunny season is from November to April.

+ Binh Loc’s average temperature is from 22 to 32 Celsius degrees; and it has the highest temperature of 36 to 38 Celsius degrees and the lowest temperature of around 16 Celsius degrees.

+ Binh Loc’s rain fall: 120 ml.

+ Binh Loc’s humidity: 53%


Binh Loc is the land of Xuan Loc - Long Khanh, where people settled at the earliest time dating back the period when Binh Loc temple was built in 1817, which has been proven according to the Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi by Quoc Su Giam.

Through the historical stages of separation and merger, on August 21, 2003 the government issued Decree no. 97/2003/ND-CP on the establishment of Long Khanh town and Binh Loc becomes one of the 9 communes and 6 wards in Long Khanh town.

Binh Loc was a base of the revolutionary activities during the resistance war against the French colonialist in the period of 1945-1954 and the resistance war against the US imperialist in 1954-1975 period. Now, Binh Loc has a stele house where the names of 83 heroic martyrs who sacrificed their lives during the struggle to fight and protect the fatherland of the land of Binh Loc of the traditional heroes were carved.

On October 26, 1973, the guerrilla group of Binh Loc commune was honored to receive the noble title: the People’s Armed Forces Unit. Binh Loc guerrilla group was awarded the title: the Hero of the People’s Armed Forces on October 26, 1973 and many other achievements of the State:

+ 4 independence medals

+ 9 second class medals

+ 17 third class medals

+ 74 resistance war medals of the first, second, and third classes for the achievement in the resistance war against the US in the period of 1954-1975.

+ 4 first class medals

+ 4 second class medals

+ 6 certificates of merit

+ The title of the Hero of the People's Armed Forces

+ 1 ten-glorious-year flag

+ 1 commendation flag of the guerrilla warfare movements in 1975.

+ 1 Phan Van Coi flag

+ 23 badges of the Hero of Killing the US troops

+ Binh Loc has 16 Vietnamese heroic mothers, 1 hero of the People’s Armed, 43 wounded soldiers and 256 government policy beneficiary families, and those with meritorious services to the revolution.

- In 2012, Binh Loc was honored to receive the title of “People and People's Armed Forces in Binh Loc Commune, and Heroric Unit of People's Armed Forces”.


+ Binh Loc has a total population of 8,865 people and 2,302 households.

+ Ethnic groups: Binh Loc has 389 households with 1,886 people including such ethnic minority groups like Chinese, Khmer, Nung, Tay, Choro, San Diu, and Ede.

+ Religion: Binh Loc has 479 households with 2,746 religious followers of Buddhism, Catholicism, Caodaism, and Protestantism.

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