binhloc : Development orientation Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Development orientation


 + Developing industries as a driving force for economic growth, economic restructuring, and labor restructuring, and planning the development of concentrated residential areas.

 + Focusing on developing industries and small and handicrafts industries with potential and advantages such as food and agricultural product processing industries associated with local raw materials like coffee, cashew nuts, pepper, and specialty fruit trees in line with the characteristics of local economic development.

 + Developing industries closely associated with developing services and rural agriculture, ensuring conditions for housing for laborers, and preserving the environment, and security and order.


 + Attempting to meet the growing speed of the annual average agriculture and forestry production value by 5.5 - 6%.

+ Stabilizing cultivation area, promoting the application of scientific and technical advances into production and labor, forming the areas that are specialized in making commodity agricultural products, planting high-quality fruit trees, and establishing a link combining production and consumption of safe VietGap agricultural products.

+ Implementing a reasonable crops restructuring towards commodity production that suits the market; and associating the production of agricultural products with processing industries.

+ Developing agriculture is associated with building new rural areas, improving the materialistic living standards, expanding the public knowledge, eliminating hunger, and reducing poverty to gradually narrow the gap in the living standards in rural areas and that between rural and urban areas.


+ Stepping up the development of the state-owned enterprises engaged in commercial and tourism services business; consolidating and developing the trading and services cooperatives; encouraging the development; and strengthening the management of non-state business services.

+ Arranging, planning, and developing as planned in such areas as market, gasoline, slaughtering, lodging services, trading construction materials, supply of agricultural materials, consumption of agricultural products, and so on.

+ Encouraging the development of the investment services system, and of the services to apply technical advances into production; planning development and exploiting local tourism potential, developing accompanying services, supplying laborer, and introducing jobs associated with poverty reduction policies.

+ Promoting trade promotion, facilitating the expansion of commodity exchange, and expanding the consumption and export market of local agricultural products.
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