binhloc : Socio – economic potentials Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socio-economic potentials



+ Binh Loc’s total number of households: 2,302

+ Binh Loc’s total population: 8,865 people

+ The number of people at their working age: 5,939.

+ The rate of agricultural labor: 4,448/5,939 people accounting for 74%

+ The rate of industrial labor: 936/5,939 accounting for 16%

+ The rate of commercial labor: 286/5,939 people accounting for 4.8%

+ The rate of service labor: 269/5,939 people accounting for 4.5%

 2. LAND

+ Total natural area: 2,183.16 ha

+ Agricultural land area: 1,770.2 ha, accounting for 81%.

+ Forestry land area: 3.14 ha.

+ Land area for special use: 353.82 ha, accounting for 16.2%.

+ Residential land area: 59.12 ha, accounting for 2.7%.

+ Current land use: exploiting 100% of the commune’s land area.


+ Types of planted forest trees:  Hopea odorata, Dipterocarpaceae, Khaya senegalensis, and Melaleuca.

+ Density: 600/ha

+ Economic efficiency: covering bare land, making a wind prevention system, protecting the environment, exploiting timber, and increase people’s income.


+ Tourism: Binh Loc has a model of visiting and exploring fruit orchards combined with enjoying types of fruits in hamlet 1 and Cay Da hamlet.

+ Current status and situation of tourists: visitors come to visit, explore, and enjoy types of fruits and local countryside specialties, and every year an average number of over 10,000 arrivals of visitors are attracted.

+ Historic relics: Binh Loc has a stele house where the names of martyrs in hamlet 1 are carved. Every year, localities organize celebrations on holidays for officials and people to attend and burn incense to show their gratitude to the heroic martyrs who were brave to sacrifice their lives for the two resistance wars against the French colonialists and the US invaders in order to educate young generations about the principle of “when drinking water, think of its source, and the national history.

+ Development orientation: Binh Loc continues promoting its cultural identities and national traditions and history associated with its socio-economic development tasks, orienting locals how to exploit the economic potential of the orchard tourism along with the chain of producing and consuming products, applying the safe production process of VietGAP, raising the quality of agricultural products, promoting trade promotion activities, and publicizing the image of Binh Loc orchard tourism among both domestic and foreign tourists.


+ Binh Loc has a loudspeaker system that is set up to meet the regulations on radio broadcast equipment, electric radio emission, and electromagnetic compatibility and use of radio frequencies as required. It has a total of 21 loudspeakers across ​​5 hamlets.

+ Website: an average number of 200 articles in terms of local political information and socio-economic development are posted and updated on Binh Loc’s website.

+ Binh Loc has a telephone system and the Internet covering all over 5 hamlets with 100% of households using fixed telephones and mobile phones, and it also has an audio-visual information system.


+ Binh Loc’s current transport system: 100% km of inter-hamlet and inter-district roads are asphalted and more than 8.5 km of roads under people's groups’ management are also concreted.

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