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 Socioeconomic Overview


Geographical location

Binh An is located 18 km northeast of Long Thanh district center, with the total area of ​​2,957.34 ha.

The natural land area covers 2,957.34 ha, accounting for 5.6 percent of the district's.

Its north borders Dong Hoa commune, Trung Hoa (Trang Bom district, Dong Nai province).

Its south borders Binh Son commune (Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province).

Its west borders Long Duc commune, Loc An commune (Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province).

Its east borders Lo 25 commune (Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai province).



The People's Committee of Binh An commune

Administrative units

Binh An commune is divided into 5 hamlets, including Bau Lung hamlet, Sa Ca hamlet, Bau Tre hamlet, An Vien hamlet and An Binh hamlet.


The commune has relatively flat, gently hilly, and slightly divided, wavy hilly terrains, with a slope of less than 8 degrees, and altitude varying from 50 to 70 m, lowering from east to west.

Average slope:  less than 8 degrees;

Relative altitude: 50 - 70 m;

Absolute altitude: 70 m.


The commune is located in a tropical monsoon climate with 2 seasons: the rainy and dry seasons.

The former lasts between May and October.

The latter is from November to April.

The average temperatures range from 28 to 32 0C.

Rainfall reaches 180 – 200 ml a year.

Humidity: medium.

Average temperatures: 28 to 32 0C.

Highest temperature: 36 0C.

Lowest temperatures: 18 - 20 0C.

Culture and history

Time of establishment: September 1, 1994;

Historical relics of the commune: none;

Victories of the locals: none.


* Total population: 8,941 people.

* Number of households: 2,293 households.

* Ethnicities: there are 10 ethnic groups, including:

1. Vietnamese: 8,464 people;

2. Tay: 46 people;

3. Nung: 23 people;

4. Chau ro: 32 people;

5. Khmer: 18 people;

6. Chinese: 340 people;

7. H’mong: 8 people;

8. Dao: one person;

9. Cham: 4 people;

10. Muong: 5 people;


There are 11 religions, including:

1. Buddhism: 1,044 followers;

2. Catholicism: 1,755 followers;

3. Protestantism: 54 believer;

4. Caodaism: 47 followers;

5. Hoahaoism: 6 followers;

6. Islam: 2 believers;

7. Christianity: one believer;

8. Confucianism: 7 followers;

9. Sikhism: 8 followers;

10. Jainism: one believer;

11. Kinaism: one believer;

Non-religion: 6,015 people.