binhan : Socio – economic potentials Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom
Nhiệt liệt chào mừng Kỷ niệm 134 năm ngày sinh Chủ tịch Hồ Chí Minh(19/5/1890- 19/5/2024)​
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 Socioeconomic Potential



Total number of households in the commune: 2,293 families;

Number of people: 8,941 people;

Number of working-age people: 6,976 people;

Industrial workers: 1,535 people;

Agricultural laborers: 4,883 people;

Commercial employees: 419 people;

Services workers: 139 people;


Total natural land area: 2,957.34 ha, making up 100 percent;

Agricultural land: 2,729.28 ha, 92.29 percent;

Forestry land: 0 ha,  zero percent;

​​Special-use land: 0 ha, zero percent;

Residential land area 47.01 ha, 1.59 percent.

Forest resources

Forest area: none

Natural resources

Names of minerals of the commune: none

Traditional products and handicrafts:

Product’s name: N/A

Tourist attractions and historical relics

Scenery’s name: N/A;


* The communication facts and figures:

The commune has 5 hamlets, all with internet access (there are 6 radio stations, including 3 of Viettel: 2 of Mobifone and one Vinaphone) sufficiently meeting the needs of communications in the area. In addition, the commune's wireless communication network covers most of the hamlets, with one relay station and 12 loudspeaker clusters, daily broadcasting and relaying district’s radio.

* Number of phones: 6,300 sets per a total of 2,100 households.


* National Highways and Provincial Roads crossing the commune:

The Provincial Road 769 crosses the commune with the length of 5 km.

* Road system in the commune:

Roads managed by the district: 2 roads of 7,500 m in length, paved with asphalt;

Communal and inter-communal trunk roads: 4 roads, 9,329 m long, covered with asphalt and concrete;

* Length of asphalted roads: 7,500 m;

* Number of dirt road: 17,461 m.