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Enhancing measures to preserve traffic safety during the rainy and flood season Update 31-10-2020 11:49
The coming rainy season is a time that causes many difficulties for river traffic routes, going by ferries and pontoon bridges, and so on. In Dong Nai, many waterway traffic routes with a large number of users have taken many measures to keep people safe during the rainy season. In addition, over the past time, Dong Nai’s waterway functional forces have organized propaganda and strengthened the patrol and control of vehicles, ferries and boats across the rivers.

The vessels crossing rivers are inspected


 There are quite a few ferries transporting passengers between Vinh Cuu district and Binh Duong province with a large, stable, and regular number of passengers. Ba Mieu ferry port as well as other 8 ferry terminals across the Dong Nai river in Vinh Cuu district bringing a large number of workers to and from industrial zones in Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces. To ensure the absolute safety for passengers, Vinh Cuu’s traffic inspection forces regularly disseminate propaganda information to vessel owners to remind passengers of being serious enough to wear jackets and hold floating tools as they board ferries, and so on. The inspection indicated that some people have still underestimated the wearing of life jackets, and that vessel owners do not usually remind their passengers of complying with safety measures, which has been reminded of by functional forces and pledge to say no to later violations.


Particularly in ​​Bien Hoa city, waterway traffic police forces and Dong Nai’s Public Security also conduct regular patrol and control to observe the provisions of the Law on Inland Waterway Traffic of the owners of vessels transporting passengers across rivers, technical safety of vessels, registration and calibration of vessels and certificates related to vessel drivers, safety equipment, and disseminated propaganda information to remind and ask people to wear life jackets and use floating tools to ensure their safety when crossing the river. Also, it is essential to strictly handle violations to ensure the safety of water traffic during the rainy and flood season.


​​Long Thanh district with the existing system of road, waterways and railways and airways, is home to many arterial traffic hubs of the country and of the southern key economic region. This is an advantage for the district to continue to invest in local traffic, and create momentum for its economic acceleration. Also, Long Thanh district has actively implemented propaganda measures to ensure traffic safety during the rainy season; communicate with and remind people of wearing life jackets on ferries and boats and when using waterways.


The temporary ferry terminals are inspected


The report of the provincial Traffic Safety Committee said, in the first 6 months of 2020 there have been 2 accidents on the route, which killed one victim, up by 1 case over the same period in 2019. Particularly, functional forces have issued nearly 1,300 decisions to deal with administrative violations related to waterway traffic safety, and paid over VND1.3 billion VND to the state treasury. To ensure the safety of waterway traffic in the last months of the year, in addition to the efforts of functional agencies in disseminating propaganda activities, conducting patrol and handling violations, the awareness of vessel owners need to be improved and people’s active cooperation is essentially needed.


Duy Minh (Dieu Linh)

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