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​Implementing some new legal provisions in the field of transport Update 30-09-2020 11:03
The Department of Transport of Dong Nai yesterday (July 29) held a conference to thoroughly grasp the Government's Decree 10 on January 17, 2020 and Circular 12 May 29, 2020 of the Ministry of Transport. and business dialogue. Attendees are relevant departments, agencies and business units, cooperatives transporting passengers and goods by car in the province.

 Businesses need to be deployed to grasp the key new regulatory points of government decree 10. This Decree has 7 chapters and 57 articles providing for business and business conditions for transport by car.


At the conference, businesses are deployed to grasp the important new provisions of Decree 10 of the government. This Decree has 7 chapters and 57 articles providing for business and business conditions for transport by car. Meanwhile, Circular 12 of the Ministry of Transport provides for the organization and management of car transportation and road transport support services. Subjects to comply with the regulations such as: the owner of the transport business, the driver of the service staff and the vehicle. New points such as clear driving time regulations. Forcing business owners to pay driver insurance; Long-distance passenger cars must have 2 drivers and issue a separate swipe card for the driver to control the route, the rest time and the video image transmitted to the supervisory authority. From December 31 to 2021, when issuing a license to a transport business unit, there must be an executive manager with primary and intermediate specialized qualifications in transport.


Dong Nai province is the lane of the key economic region in the South, with many national arterial roads passing through, leading to passenger and cargo transportation by car in the province. Strongly developing, the province has so far had more than 400 enterprises, cooperatives, and transportation businesses with more than 5 thousand cars of all kinds, the number of business cars ranked 3rd in the country after Ho Chi Minh city Hanoi. Therefore, Decree 10 of the Government and Circular 12 of the Ministry of Transport were issued just this year to meet the practical requirements in the current situation. Especially the strong application of technology in the state management of transport business by car, enhancing the assurance of traffic order and safety.


Duy Minh (Dieu Linh)​

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