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 Development Orientation


1. Agro-forestry and Fishery

Agriculture: implementing agricultural production to reach and exceed the assigned targets by the district; focusing on measures to support production, ensuring the successful implementation of agricultural production tasks in the 2020-2025 period; increasing the proportion of the livestock husbandry in agricultural production in association with the planned rearrangement of animal farms to minimize environmental pollution; stepping up the application of new and advanced tech to production, improving the quality of production services such as fertilizers, seeds, etc. to actively prevent diseases and pests on plants and animals.

Forestry: developing plans to implement forest fire, flood and storm prevention, and disseminating them widely to officials, Party members and people on forest fire prevention and protection.

 Aquaculture: maintaining a stable water surface of 37 ha for aquaculture, with yields reaching and exceeding the assigned target.

2. Trade, Services and Tourism

Coordinating with specialized agencies to well control prices, ensuring supply-demand balance and stabilizing the prices of essential goods suitable for local people; coordinating with the interdisciplinary team in examining food hygiene and safety; checking fake goods and stalls, especially those that have not been registered for business; continuing to propagate and implementing the campaign "Vietnamese people prioritize Vietnamese goods" and the program to Bringing Vietnamese goods to rural areas to contribute to stabilizing the prices of essential goods, creating favorable conditions for rural people to access to quality goods and stable prices.​

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